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Meet Larry Crowson, Todos Santos Amigo

Todos Santos Amigo: Larry Crowson

My wife and I became an expats full time in 2008, after living for 15 years in Hawaii and then moving to Oregon for 12 years to get my daughter out of college. After that we hit the re-set button on our lives’ for good, opting to becoming full-time expats permanently.

Prior to that we spent a lot of time in Todos Santos in southern Baja. My first visit to Todos Santos was the day Hurricane John hit in 2006. We fell in love with it right away and if this was the worst that nature could throw at us no problem. We bought 4 lots in San Sebastian to begin our journey of self-discovery and to find paradise south of the border and haven’t looked back since. We always knew we would do something like this, I get bored very easily and like new things and challenges and I’ve never been afraid to jump into something new. I have embraced change since childhood. My Dad, the gypsy dentist, seemed to move us somewhere new every 5-6 years so for me change was the norm.

We always planned to sell our ranch in Bend and build 5 casitas and a main house for us to semi-retire in and manage our rentals here in Todos Santos. We have 4 large lots in San Sebastian area in Todos with all power, water in, bodega built and ready to go. Life throws you many curves though, doesn’t it? The real estate melt down put the screws to that plan but we decided to make the move south of the border anyway. We found jobs in Belize setting up a new company so we were off and Todos would have to wait while we built up a new nest egg all over again.

I have traveled all over the world and nearly settled down in both Costa Rica and  Panama but ended up in Mexico for good after our last stop in Belize. I opened up a real estate company in Belize to sell condos for the developers. Living on an island was nice but the real estate crash up north was killing us so we moved across the border to Tulum in the Yucatan to work for yet another developer selling jungle lots. Incredibly beautiful place but hot and humid as hell 8-10 months out of the year, clearest water you have ever seen. We lived there for over a year, which was nice but the weather wasn’t always so nice and a chance to visit Ajijic on Lake Chapala in the central highlands last summer sealed the deal and we moved within a month to Ajijic. Lake Chapala is Mexico’s largest lake at over 50 miles long and 25 miles wide and sits at 5,000 foot elevation ringed by mountains so you almost get the feel being on the ocean it’s so big. National Geographic called it the 2nd best weather on Earth and they might be right. You never need AC or heaters- wow was that a change.

I started “Gringos In Paradise” to help others realize their desire to get out while they could and offer my real world experience in how to do it. I have a passion to help others find their own paradise, I know you can and we will show you how. Everything you need to know or ask was fair game from where should we move to, do I need to sell first or can I rent, what’s the true cost of living? Can you legally own real estate, what about safety, the cops, quality of medical care and will my old insurance pay for things down there, car and health & home owners insurance options. Medical care is a huge issue and it’s all good news on that front, you will get better care for 60-70% less!

Can I work or start a business? Check it out It’s a Free Newsletter and it’s full of great practical advice with my own connections that can save you a lot of headaches later. We know that there are over 26 million baby boomers who are freaked out by the real possibility of having to work till you die unless they can find options like moving to Mexico to stretch your income and live for 30-40% less, and live better in most cases too.

My personal opinion is that most North Americans will suffer the fate of the frog sitting in a pot of hot water,  the heat keeps getting turned  up slowly and by the time he realizes his predicament it’s too late to react. Sad but true.

Follow my posts and I will continue to tell you all about the wonders of living in Mexico!


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