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Todos Santos FAQs

Where is Todos Santos located in Baja?
Todos Santos is a small town on the Pacific coast in the southern part of the Baja peninsula. The closest major cities are La Paz to the north east and Cabo San Lucas to the south.

What is the weather like in Todos Santos?
Todos Santos is in the tropics and enjoys a warm climate year-round. Temperatures soar in the summer, but the Pacific Ocean tends to moderate the temperatures most other times of the year. In winter, nights can be windy and unexpectedly chilly.

What’s the best way to get there?
Most visitors reach Todos Santos by car from Cabo San Lucas or La Paz, but it is possible to travel by bus from either direction.

What kind of transportation is available once I arrive?
If you do not have your own car or bike, taxi cabs are available in town.

How expensive is it to travel to Todos Santos?
Todos Santos has options for all budgets, from economical rooms to luxury boutique experiences. Groceries are readily available from several markets.

What is the cost of living in Todos Santos?
Expats from the U.S., Canada, and European countries enjoy a higher standard of living for relatively lower cost, but Todos Santos is upscale relative to the rest of Baja.

Where to stay
What kind of accommodations does have?
Most of the lodging in this area is small inns or casitas for rent. There are a few boutique hotels and one larger-scale resort.

Where’s the best place to stay in my price range?
Budget travelers may choose to camp or stay in a simple hotel like the Maria Bonita. Those with more resources

Do I need reservations before I arrive?
Reservations are essential for peak holiday periods; other times of year, you can usually find availability on the spot.

What local foods should I try in Todos Santos?
Whether you order it at a restaurant, but it from the local fishermen, or catch it yourself, be sure to try huachinango (red snapper cooked whole) and cabrilla if it’s in season; also sample the wide variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables, available at several weekly farmers markets, and seek out tacos al pastor.

Where do I buy groceries in Todos Santos?
There are several small markets and “mini-supers” scattered about the town. For a larger-scale supermarket, you’ll need to head to La Paz or Cabo San Lucas.

What kind of restaurants are there in Todos Santos?
Todos Santos has a little of everything–from traditional Mexican fare to Italian, tapas, sushi, curries, seafood, and more. Most are casual affairs, and many offer outdoor dining on the patio or sidewalk.

How do I avoid getting sick?
Drink lots of bottled water, wash all produce in bottled water, and go easy on the spicy foods at first.

Can I drink the water?
Bottled water is recommended throughout Baja.

What to do?
What are the most popular activities in Todos Santos?
Surfing, fishing, shopping, eco-tours, and hiking top the list for most visitors.

How do I get in touch with local outfitters and tour guides?
Visit the Todos Santos directory, or contact Todos Santos Eco-Adventures.

When is the best time to do these activities in Todos Santos?
Surf conditions are best (biggest) in winter months. Coastal nature walks are a possibility all year round. Backcountry hiking in the Sierra de la Laguna is great in the fall. Fishing is possible year-round, though the catch varies by season.

Keeping in touch
Will my cell phone work in Todos Santos?
Yes, as long as you have activated it for use in Mexico with your carrier. Be sure to turn off all data activity on your smartphone or tablet to avoid unexpected charges when you get home.

Is there internet access in Todos Santos?
Yes, many businesses now offer Wi-Fi, and a few internet cafes still have computers available for those travelers who do not have their own device.
Is it safe to travel in Todos Santos? Yes, as a small and thriving town, Todos Santos is extremely safe; however, travelers should take common sense precautions anywhere in Baja.

Money matters
Will my ATM card work at banks in Todos Santos?
Yes, most foreign-issued cards work at the ATMs around town.

Will businesses accept my credit card in Todos Santos?
Some places do accept credit cards, but many take only cash, in MXN or USD.

How do I get Mexican pesos?
You can withdraw MXN with your debit card, or exchange currency at a local bank.

Can I pay in US dollars?
Most places do accept US currency.

Planning for your trip
What should I pack for a trip to Todos Santos?
Beachwear, suncreen, sunhat, surf/fishing gear, hiking shoes, camera