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The Saints of Todos Santos: The Brilanti Family’s Dynasty of Art

By Sergio and Bryan Jauregui, Todos Santos Eco Adventures

“My mother was a free spirit, an egalitarian and a bohemian, and ended up getting sent away to school because she was always running off to work with Diego Rivera on his murals. And all this was when she was just 10 years old.  You know, she never really cared for Frieda Kahlo very much.”

Ana Brilanti, mother and artist

So begins Alejandra Brilanti’s story of her mother Ana Nuñez Basso de Brilanti, the matriarch of the Brilanti family of Todos Santos and renowned silver artisan of Taxco.

While the likes of Eleonor Roosevelt ultimately became fans and customers of Ana’s, and her story is featured prominently in the histories of the silver jewelry industry in Taxco, it can be definitively declared that her artistic success was not her mother’s fault.

When Ana was a little girl one of her sisters died and was laid out in the family parlor for 3 days. Ana thought the scene was beautiful and painted it. Her mother thought the painting was blasphemous and smashed it. These constant struggles over art earned Ana a passage to boarding school where, at the age of 14, she graduated to a teaching position to contribute to the family income.  She worked incredibly hard for the rest of her life, but – despite her mother’s best efforts – she worked doing what she loved most: art.

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