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Where to Stay in Todos Santos

For a very small coastal town, Todos Santos has a surprisingly wide range of accommodations, from luxury hotels and high-end resorts to funky artist retreats and cozy casitas by the sea. A collection of restored colonial brick buildings define the Historic District, and a few have been converted into modern-day accommodations. Here are just a few of the outstanding Todos Santos accommodation choices available to you!

Hotel Guaycura, once a dormitory, is a beautifully restored 19th century brick building.

Inns and vacation rentals near La Poza–such as Los Colibris and Posada La Poza–present opportunities to view abundant wildlife around a freshwater lagoon. Sunset walks along the beach here are truly spectacular.

The building that houses the Todos Santos Inn was the private home of a local sugar baron.

Hotel Casa Tota offers charm, intimacy and a rooftop bar.

Right in the center of town, the iconic Hotel California offers a perfect location and excellent dining.

And south of town is Arriba de la Roca. 50 meters above the Pacific it offers privacy with spectacular 360 degree views.

How to choose the right kind of accommodations

First time visitors should note, the town center is not near the beach, so the first decision to make is whether to stay within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and galleries–or a couple of miles away, where you can listen to the surf pound the coast in a more remote beach setting. Across the huerta to the north of town, “El Otro Lado” (The Other Side) is an up and coming area that’s popular with surfers, sportfishers, and anyone who wants to spend time at the water’s edge. A growing number of private vacation rentals have come on the market here. You will need a car to get back and forth to lodging in this area.

Here are some factors to consider for different types of lodging in Todos Santos:

  • Resorts: There are no large-scale resorts in Todos Santos proper, and for many visitors this is part of its charm. The closest resort is the relatively new Rancho Pescadero south of town.
  • Small-Hotels: Todos Santos has several boutique-style hotels that offer a very personal and often upscale experience.
  • Vacation Rentals: Privately owned casitas and homes of varying sizes are available for rent in town, as well as at the beach.
  • Camping: Primitive camping is available at the beaches north of town, or to the south near El Pescadero.

Reservations are a good idea at peak travel times, such as Christmas, and usually essential for vacation rentals, where the owner/manager needs to prepare the unit for your stay. But flexible travelers can almost always find accommodations, at much better prices, on the spot. Simply roll into town, stroll along Avenida Juarez and pop into any one of the cafes and ask around.

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