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Tre Galline

An authentic touch of northern Italy in southern Baja. The owners Magda Valpiani and Angelo Dal Bon are from the Salo district near Lago Di Garda where they have another larger restaurant Campagnola Trattoria. They import many of their ingredients and wines from their native Italy to enhance the traditional Italian flavors served out of their kitchen. Magda watches over the kitchen to assure the quality of the food and Angelo attends to the customers comfort and enjoyment of the dining experience. They spend time in Italy as well to guarantee that both restaurants offer the highest qualtiy cuisine and to bring back touches of Italy for Todos Santos.

The restaurant is located in a fine old restored building in the heart of the historical district in downtown Todos Santos on the corner of Calle Juarez and Calle Topete streets with the main entrance on Calle Topete an a side entrance on Calle Juarez for convenience.

There are two interior dining rooms, one small and the other of a medium size both light and nicely decorated with wood beamed ceilings overhead and comfortable seating. There is also al long outdoor patio seating area to dine in the fresh air under the stars to complete the atmosphere. The menu is extensive and includes an excellent selection of authentic dishes in all categories including appetizers; soups; salads; fish, poultry, and meat entrees; vegetarian plates and desserts. Pastas and made fresh on the premises and offered in an excellent variety. Service is attentive.

Diners can choose from a huge list of appetizers and soups, as well as fish, meat, poultry, and vegetarian dishes. They also offer a great selection of desserts.

Overcoming Italian Tragedy in Southern Baja

Rating: 4/5 
Joshua Lurie
Reviewed: May 23, 2012

Angelo Dal Bon and Magda Valpani suffered tragedy when an earthquake leveled their restaurant in northern Italy, but Lago di Garda’s loss is clearly Baja’s gain, as Tre Galline is one of Todos Santos’ most ambitious concepts. The restaurant has vibrant purple and red walls, Angelo makes salame and pasta in-house, and he puts just as much care into plating. Culinary highlights included sweet coppa paired with strawberries, packets of Swiss chard cradling pork loin and Parmesan’d breadcrumbs, and translucent bresaola simply dressed with arugula and olive oil. Eggplant Parmesan arrived in a tower, topped with fried basil and caramelized eggplant skins, all of which toppled like Jenga. Supple sea bass joined a piquant anchovy sauce and polenta. Our meal was very good, but there were a couple misses. Gnocchi went great with green beans and Parmesan, but why add boiled potato? Angel hair was clearly an elegant pasta, and the combo of zucchini and Parmesan would have been pleasing if not for the addition of pungent truffle oil, my nemesis. Earlier in the day, the couple sourced spicy lobster from Punta Lobos, but earthy snap pea sauce muddled the impact of the sweet meat. Tre Galline rallied for dessert with outstanding pea, chocolate ad Damiana ice cream, along with an accompanying pour of aromatic house-made Damiana.

This review was submitted by Joshua Lurie, a writer from Los Angeles. Joshua has participated in the Scribes program, a program designed to encourage writers to create original content about Baja California. Baja Scribes may receive food, lodging or payment, but they are encouraged to submit their own opinions on this site, which may not reflect the views or opinions of Joshua’s website documenting his travels can be found here.

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Earthquake Proof

Rating: 5/5 
Colleen Friesen
Reviewed: April 14, 2012

It's not just the food that is's the story of how Magda and Angelo lost their successful Italian restaurant in an earthquake, dusted and picked themselves up, and then left Italy, moving to an entirely different country to grace us with a little piece of Italy in the middle of Todos Santos.

That kind of nerve, grace and chutzpah shows up in every handmade morsel of pasta, their own home-cured proscuitto and the care and attention that each dish and each guest is given.

The food is authentic, fresh and local, and best of all, it is served with genuine enthusiasm.

If I had more thumbs they'd be up too!

This review was submitted by Colleen Friesen, a freelance travel writer from Vancouver. Colleen has participated in the Scribes program, a program designed to encourage writers to create original content about Baja California. Baja Scribes may receive food, lodging or payment, but they are encouraged to submit their own opinions on this site, which may not reflect the views or opinions of Colleen's blog documenting her travels can be found here.

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Tre Galline

Rating: 5/5 
Reviewed: April 1, 2012

YUMMY! Our trip to Baja was amazing. We were looking for somewhere great to eat and was directed here. My husband is an Italian chef and is hard to please. We LOVED Tre Galline!! Authentic? YES. Inviting? YES. The owners (Chef Angelo, and Magda) greeted us with warm smiles and sat us at a comfortable table. Magda has a special way with children. She made a magical connection with our daughter that lasted throughout our trip (we returned a couple times to eat). The food was incredible. Everything was homemade. We tried many things, but my husband said the Lobster was the BEST he ever had! This coming from a chef!! I tried the crusted fish one day and Ravioli the next and both were fantastic. Appetizers, dessert, wine, all delicious. We can't wait to find our way back to Todos Santos again to visit Tre Galline!!

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Love it

Rating: 5/5 
Maria Martinez
Reviewed: January 30, 2012

Love this place it is warm, inviting & friendly. Magda the owner is very friendly. The food that SHE fixes is fabulous. Ask her what she would recommend and have it you will not be disappointed.

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