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Tequila Sunrise Bar and Grill

Traditional Mexican dining in both flavor and atmosphere, the Tequila Sunrise Bar and Grill is known as a place where you can enjoy festive cuisine in a traditional environment. Pigskin chairs, a long dining area, and a wide open outdoor dining area make the Tequila Sunrise Bar and Grill a popular destination for those looking for great cuisine with a little touch of extra class.

Best Guacamole in town

Rating: 5/5 
Todos Larry
Reviewed: January 30, 2012

I think my wife makes a mean pico and guacamole but Tequila Sunrise serves up a real tasty version of this Mexican favorite. I have ordered there basket of chips and salsa and made that my whole lunch. I could eat this everyday for sure. The portions are big and other folks will ask you what your eating as it just looks so good. Manual the owner is pretty famous for his Margarita's too, I think he won a bartenders title up in San Francisco a while back for the best margarita.

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