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Rancho Pescadero Restaurant

The restaurant is located inside the beautiful Hotel Rancho Pescadero, in Pescadero, just 15 minutes South of Todos Santos. Everything on the menu is strictly seasonal and locally grown (or caught). The hotel’s own organic garden provides most of the herbs and vegetables.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Going Around The World With a Mexican Chef

Rating: 3/5 
Josh Lurie
Reviewed: May 23, 2012

We filled a communal wood table in an orange room, surrounded by paintings of vaqueros and toros, and lit by ambient chandeliers. Chef Rodrigo Bueno attempted to live up to his name by inviting us to go “around the world with a Mexican chef.” He more or less did, guiding us on a globally influenced tasting tour. We probably didn’t need the tiny specimens of shrimp sushi or Greek salad, though the Argentinean empanada with ground beef and chimichurri was satisfying. We dispensed with cold and hot appetizer platters, and soon learned that most of Bueno’s top dishes related to Mexico. My favorite was the roasted halibut filet, more or less prepared Veracruzana style, with capers, olives, and roasted tomato, plus pearl pasta and punchy pickled chile guero, seeds and all. The other entrée – a bone-in Tomahawk-cut pork chop – also hit the mark, with Dijon mustard sauce and roasted vegetables grown in the hotel’s garden: spinach, carrots and cauliflower. Since the sun is central to the surrounding desert, it was cool to see a sunburst shaped buñuelo for dessert, sweetened with piloncillo, orange, anise and ice cream.

This review was submitted by Joshua Lurie, a writer from Los Angeles. Joshua has participated in the Scribes program, a program designed to encourage writers to create original content about Baja California. Baja Scribes may receive food, lodging or payment, but they are encouraged to submit their own opinions on this site, which may not reflect the views or opinions of Joshua’s website documenting his travels can be found here.

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