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La Santeña Restaurant and Cantina

La Sañtena is located inside the newly remodeled building that is home to Hotel Casa Tota. A beautiful brick building with high ceilings and exposed beams. The menu is traditional Mexican with a twist. Most of the ingredients come from their own rooftop veggie garden or from locale farmers. They carry a great wine selection and the skilled bartender makes some of the best cocktails in Todos Santos.

Savoring Southern Baja Breakfast

Rating: 3/5 
Joshua Lurie
Reviewed: May 16, 2012

This restaurant and bar on the ground floor of boutique Hotel Casa Tota in downtown Todos Santos has a championship level patio, which provides prized views of passersby, along with a relaxing forum to enjoy a meal or drink. Start the day with a fresh brewed cup of Baja Beans coffee and order a hearty dish like Divorciados, fried eggs served on crispy corn tortillas, blanketed with equal parts of salsa rojo y verde. Chilaquiles arrive in strips instead of whole chips, dressed with crema, red onion and cheese, the plate rimmed with mint oil. We learned that chef Tony Peralta is capable of more than the menu lets on, but dishes like squash blossom quesadillas, and chiles manzanillas stuffed with minced cazon, raisins, green olives and onions are only available by special request.

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