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La Esquina

La Esquina takes the cake when it comes to healthy food in a festive, relaxing atmosphere. The food at La Esquina strives to not only satisfy your palate, but also keep your waistline in mind. All customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi connection while they eat inside, on the amazing garden patio, or in the extremely comfortable lounge area.

Great Bread!

Rating: 4/5 
Maria Martinez
Reviewed: January 30, 2012

We order their bread to take home and it is incredible, dark dense but perfect for toast and for sandwiches. They have great burritos & pastries. ONE big secret...they have haagen dazs icecream for their milk shakes!!!! Incredible on a HOT Summer day... or if you are like me ... ANY day. They host a Wed. farmers market. You can buy local goodies.

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The Best!

Rating: 5/5 
Reviewed: December 22, 2011

La Esquina is the best spot in Todos for food, coffees, pastries and WiFi. Sit there long enough and you will see every ex-pat resident of TS. I have not had a bad meal choice off their menu yet. Top notch!

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