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La Bodega de Todos Santos

The Best Selection of Baja Wines in the World!

La Bodega has Baja Bubbly, fresh, crispy Whites, deeply structured Reds, Baja Olive Oils and much more!

Every Monday: Flight Night 5-8pm, try 3 excellent Baja Wines for 140 pesos, paired with local tapas and always live music.

Every Wednesday:  BIG RED WEDnesday 5-8pm, Complex Baja Red Wines by the glass, paired with Tamales and Tostadas, and live classical Mexican guitar by Tolín.

Regular Hours:  Tues-Saturday  12-7pm, located in Downtown Todos Santos on Calle Hidalgo, in front of Los Adobes and down the street from the Bookstore.

Recent Article, Terruño: Baja Wine Revolution, published in The Journal del Pacifico, no.3

The sound of the pounding Pacific reverberates off the cliffs of the Baja Peninsula just north of Ensenada.  The ever-chilled sea breeze rises above the surf, over the industrial town of Sauzal, and blows determinately toward the steep arroyo ahead, east- northeastward.  Winding up the canyon a couple clicks, then cascading down over numerous rows of various Spanish, French and Italian grape varietals, the breeze provides an evening to morning coolness,  which combines with an intense daytime heat.  Add the sandy, granitic and various other mineral characteristics of the soil and you have the explanation for the authentic terruño or terroir of Baja Wines.  These ideal wine-growing conditions create serious, refined and structured wines.

Northern Baja’s ideal characteristics are not a new discovery.  Las Bodegas de Santo Tomás began operating commercially in 1888, second oldest in Mexico next to Casa Madero on the mainland.  Baja produces over 90% of Mexican wine and retains the international stereotype/stigma of the smallest wine-producing region with the biggest Harvest party, meaning the Vendimias, the 3-week long festival in August.

A few local wineries have real international acclaim, L.A. Cetto has won over 150 international prizes or medals and Monte Xanic has won quite a few, most notably the Medaille d’Argent (Silver Medal) for their Viña Kristel Sauvignon Blanc this year at the Challenge International du Vin in France.

The small producers of the Valle de Guadalupe are at the forefront of the emerging, diverse Mexican wine world.  In the mid ‘80’s and early 90’s is when many new local wineries began utilizing new technology to improve quality, at the same time as these same revolutionary techniques were being adopted by many other new wine regions such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile, among others.

The number of small-producing vintners (under 1000 cases per wine) utilizing the terruño of the Valle de Guadalupe seems to have tripled in the last two years.  One avid newcomer to the wine world is our very own La Bodega de Todos Santos.

We blended and bottled 44 cases with the assistant winemaker to Hugo d’Acosta, the premier revolutionary leader and boutique winemaker of the Valle de Guadalupe.

Selecting an excellently smooth Cabernet Sauvignon(80%) aged in third-use American Oak, we blended with an edgy, slightly spicy Petite Syrah(20%) in April.  We then bottled in June creating a fresh, young wine that offers a pleasant long foundation leading to a slightly abrupt peppery finish.  We love a glass or two with tamales and tostadas, featured often at La Bodega at the weekly Big Red Wednesday evening of local TodoSanteño grub and delicious, complex local red wines.  And don’t miss Flight Night every Monday evening where one can experience a generous taste of 3 different wines for 140 pesos.

The authentic terruño of Baja Wines is a local treat to be cherished.  We are blessed with wonderful locally caught seafood and grown produce and quality Baja wine. So many TodoSanteño restaurants truly care about the wholesome joy of eating local and drinking local.  Salud!

Big Red Tasting

Rating: 5/5 
Reviewed: April 6, 2012

If you like wine and who doesn't you really need to come out for one of Mac's tasting's on Mondays or Wedsday to try Baja's best wines. Generous pours and some excellant tapas or other local treats are usually served up as well. lots' of times he has live music.

A great place to discover another of Baja's many secrets - Wine and it's darn good wine too.

We are lucky to have this store here in Todos Santos with its selection of Baja wines for every budget, Napa come to Baja , nice!

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