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El Compa Chava

Here you will find the most popular Todos Santos Sea Food.

Delicious fish tacos, shrimp tacos, sea food cocktails and different ceviches!

Savoring Sinaloan Seafood in Casual Setting

Rating: 4/5 
Joshua Lurie
Reviewed: May 18, 2012

Prawns like to party. So do crabs. We have no doubt after seeing the signage and eating the best Sinaloan-style seafood in town at Mariscos El Compa Chava, an open-air establishment with a dirt floor and palapa-covered roof on the outskirts of Todos Santos. We started with Desconocido, a mixed mince of shrimp, octopus, sea snail, clam, sea scallop, red onion and cilantro, which went great on tortilla chips with a spicy, savory salsa of soy, garlic, habanero and lime. They served some of my favorite Tacos Gobernador in Baja, with juicy marlin, molten Jack cheese, grilled pepper and onion in supple flour tortillas. We geeked out on crab empanadas with crisp coast, lump blue crab meat, and more of that nifty salsa. Still, the best bites may have been of chocolata clams with briny, almost crunchy meat served on their brown half shells with a squeeze of citrus.

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