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Chef Point

Living the Baja lifestyle to the fullest!

The crew at Chef Point whip up a couple of traditional Mexican Ceviches that are so refreshing and tasty but add there own unique twist that make them so special. If we told you their secrets we would have to kill you, these are old family secrets passed down from generation to generation.

Using only the freshest shrimps, fish, scallops and other seasonal seafood delicacy’s.  All local organic ingredients that will excite your taste. You can stop and pick some up on your way to the beach or your way back home.

Chef Point has added hammocks under a palapa so you can cool off and enjoy the freshest local ingredients that are found in his recipes, maybe add a cold beer or soda and now we’re talking.

The Best Ceviches in Town. Freshly made daily. Pick some up on your way to “Cerritos Beach” or on the way home. This tasty treat isn’t to be missed..

Open Saturday and Sunday 9am/5pm.  Muy Bueno!!!


Ceviche beach style

Rating: 5/5 
todos larry
Reviewed: June 7, 2012

Wow, I stopped on my way to Cerritos beach last weekend to try some of the Ceviches I had heard so much about from friends around town. I ordered the shrimp & fish combo to go. Man did that hit the spot at the beach with a couple of ice cold Pacifico's only problem was we should have ordered more.

They are doing a wonderful job here and we devoured it fast among the 3 of us and went back for more on the way home. So fresh and tasty it's why we live here in Baja to be able to enjoy local made treats like this. I could eat this for lunch or snanks everyday that's for sure!

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