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Baja Beans

The Coffee & Bakery Shop

Baja Beans is one of the most distinctive coffee places in all of Baja. The coffee beans used by Baja Beans are imported from Puebla, then roasted in the vintage coffee roaster used directly on site. They then use these beans in their staggering list of coffee creations, which they serve along side of home made bakery goods. An all around perfect place to start a morning or end a long day.

Baja Beans Sunday Market

The Sunday (8:00 am – 13:00 pm) brunch and market is continuing to get better and better!


Alec Tidley – “Supastar Roastar”
Alec, husband of April, is our founder, adopted father, DJ, motocross rider and president shmooz. After playing pro hockey (and if you think Alec is big, wait til you see his son) Alec, always an entrepreneur, founded a number of businesses in his native Vancouver. April and Alec found Baja five years ago and since then Alec can be found taking advantage of all Baja Sur has to offer whether on his moto, driving his vintage Landcruiser, stand-up paddle boarding, or eating sushi at his bud Carlito’s…but full time vacationing was never in his genes, and it wasn’t long before the dream was launched and Baja Beans Roasting Co became a reality.

April – “Da Mama“
April, wife of Alec, and force of nature that brought Alec’s vision of the cafe to fruition, is the designer and visionary, as well as baker, barista, and anything else she can dig her hands into. She left life as an interior designer, ski-bum and mountaineer in Vancouver to built Baja Beans from the ground up.

Sandy – Keeper of the House

Creating Caffeinated Oasis in Pescadero

Rating: 4/5 
Joshua Lurie
Reviewed: May 18, 2012

A big question with pro athletes is what they’ll do when their playing days end. For longtime hockey player Alec Tidey, the answer was surprising: open a coffeehouse and roastery with wife April down a dirt road in sleepy Rancho Pescadero. The couple’s created quite the caffeinated oasis, with a palapa topped café, handsome tile work and a spacious outdoor patio. April fills countertops with tempting baked goods, including whole-wheat cinnamon rolls, indulgent almond croissants and cakes. They roast Mexican beans on a restored Probat machine, which yields good results, especially for Baja Midnight, a medium roast that brews particularly well via pourover.

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Best Spot in Pescadero

Rating: 5/5 
Reviewed: April 6, 2012

Great coffee from master roaster Alec the owner made anyway you want it.

Free wifi lots of outdoor seating and GREAT scones and other stuff form the kitchen. My favorite is the chile/cheese scone a little spicy but oh so good.

Last time I was there they had an incredable guy playing classical guitar.

Saturdays is the farmers market and they have live music going as well, pretty nice place to hang out and meet your friends there or make some new ones.

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Great on Sunday

Rating: 5/5 
Reviewed: April 2, 2012

Sundays are very fun here. There is an organic market where you can buy different vegetables, art & hand-crafts from local artists and the delicious and popular coffee and bakery from Baja Beans. Live Music too! Best place to go before spending the rest of the day in Cerritos Beach.

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good coffee

Rating: 3/5 
Maria Martinez
Reviewed: January 30, 2012

Good coffee ...expensive but good... too bad it is in Pescadero.

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