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Bahia Restaurant

Bahia restaurant is the latest addition to the Todos Santos food scene. It is part of the local pescaderia (fish shop) on Militar and Marquez de Leon. Don’t miss the molcajete with octopus, shrimp and fish and the ceviches.

Casual Seafood Near Central Todos

Rating: 3/5 
Joshua Lurie
Reviewed: April 27, 2012

We never found out if Bahia’s botete – blowfish – was the same as the much feared (and much misunderstood) fugu, but we did enjoy a serious seafood spread at this Sinaloan style market and café with sidewalk tables. I’d recommend the goblet of callo de hacha – sea scallop – dressed with pico de gallo, cucumber and a fan of fresh avocado. The seafood in the molcajete grande and camarones en aguachile was pretty fresh, but kitchen staffers must have held back on the chiltepin, since both broths could have used more kick. The taco de pescado, made with fried sea bass, wasn’t crispy enough, but at least they provided some interesting condiments, including cilantro-specked avocado sauce and spicy carrot-laced slaw.

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