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What to do in Todos Santos

Todos Santos inspires adventurers, romantics and artists alike, keeping visitors entertained with a wide range of activities , from shopping and gallery tours to surfing, sportfishing and recreation in the surrounding countryside. Local tour companies offer kayaking , ecotours, and hikes into the nearby Sierra de la Laguna mountains. The best way to spend a day or more in this area depends on the season. In winter, watch the gray whales migrate along the shore, stroll Historic District browsing boutique shops and fine art galleries, or surf perfect waves on the Pacific. Hiking is optimal in the fall. Fishing is best inRead More

Watch the gray whales migrate along the shore, stroll by shops and art galleries in the Historic District, or catch perfect waves on the Pacific.
Todos Santos is like a town where time has slowed down, and it begs you to do the same. Admittedly, perhaps the most blissful past-time in this magical village (Pueblo Mágico) is to explore the arcades and stores, chatting with dueños (owners) and window shopping. However, there is much more to do: Educational and fun eco tours are great for families. Walking on the wide sandy beaches is a delight and, although swimming can be a challenge with tricky currents and undertows, surfing and paddle-boarding are popular here.

And of course, there are festivals — one of which includes the Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12, with its ceremonies and posadas