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Iron Chef Baja California Competes in Todos Santos

Happy people eat together…

Baja Iron Chef at Tre Galline in Todos SantosFriday, March 9, 2012, 50 lucky connoisseurs of fine dining got to play the role of judges at Tre Galline in Todos Santos for the Iron Chef Baja California, a delicious competition between Chef Angelo Dal Bon and Chef Carlitos Cham has taken place in the midst of a fun Baja Style ambiance. Guests awarded one, two or three stars on four courses prepared by each chef, served in pairs: two plus two appetizers, two first courses and two seconds courses, and the top Chef was determined by the most stars.

“The reason why I am so captivated with this place is because of the incredible products that you can find here, amazingly talented chefs, seafood, world-class wines…I love the fact that so many of the producers here are working organically or they are talking about sustainable seafood, it is a place that I encourage everybody to come and explore. It is amazing, it will blow your mind.” says Iron Chef cuisine celebrity Rick Bayless, who visited Baja California, Mexico to tape 13 episodes for his PBS television series “Mexico, One Plate at a Time.”

Iron Chef Baja California kept the fire going!  Chef Angelo Dal Bon owns Tre Galline Restaurant in Todos Santos an exquisite place to eat in the heart of historic downtown. Born in the Salo district near Lago Di Garda, Italy, his native Italian ethnicity defines the soul of his menu which imports many products from Italy, but it is the taste of their pastas, sausage and raviolis made by the family what makes their cuisine an authentic Baja eclectic favorite. Inside and outside comfortable and simply earthly styled seating adds to the experience a sense of cultural time travel, always enjoyed by the welcoming and attentive service. He also owns Caffe Todos Santos.

Chef Carlitos Cham owns Carlitos Place grew up Chinese-Mexican. He is a famous fisherman, practiced in spear-fishing and free-diving, and his cuisine reflects his love for the ocean. The variety is wide, you can eat fresh fish and shrimp prepared sushi or sashimi style, or you can enjoy a delicious chicken Teriyaki, fresh being the common ingredient. Carlitos loves to surprise you with a free style cuisine which suits the natural raw experience of the little village in Pescadero, proudly representing a Chef made in Baja.

The menu consisted of four courses plus a desert. Wines could be paired by the judges but not relevant to the scoring.

Chef Angelo

  1. Beat leave balls with parmigiano sauce and Angelo ham
  2. Crepes with Ligurian olives and potattoes with pesto sauce and mozzarella
  3. Tagliolini with courgettes and white truffle oil with slivers of goat chees and black truffles
  4. Rack of lamb crusted with herbs and mint, with caponata of vegetablles (artichok, mushrooms, eggplant, olives, caper, onion, chile)
Chef Carlito
  1. Chicken and duck consomme with dumpling shrimps and vegetabloes
  2. Banna pepper stuuffed with crab and shrimp, places on a sweet mango sauce
  3. Steamed chocolate claim on a soy sauce, chives and cilantro, ginger and garlic oil
  4. Carlitos way crabs, sweet and delicious
The bonus desert was gelato served in passion fruit and homemade biscotti.
Dirty FingersThe author, yours truly, had both chefs nearly tied at a perfect 12 stars, with Angelo at 12,  edging out Carlito by one star at 11! “It was a close call but the Carlitos way crab was a little messy and we had no way to clean our hands” lamented one passerby…. Ouch! That oversight could have cost Carlito the win. Rumor has it Angelo hid the wet wipes and the outcome was fixed. I am sure next time Carlito will have the home court advantage.

The results of the vote was as follows:

  • 33 people in favor of Team Angel
  • 12 people in favor of Team Carlito
  • 5 people tied
Counting the stars we have:
  • 481 stars (out of 600 possible) for Angelo
  • 424 stars (out of 600 possible) for Carlito

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