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Tecolote Bookstore

Libreria El Tecolote  – Tecolote Bookstore

Todos Santos

We are lucky in Todos Santos we have the best bookstore in Baja and a great coffee and fruiteria all in one place. Whether you need a great cup of freshly made expresso or fruit shake to wake up your senses or maybe a fresh baked scones or other local treats Kate and her team have you covered. They recently  added outside seating and WiFi so you can read, check emails and sip her wonderful custom blend of coffee’s and fresh made fruit and juice drinks. A great way to star another beautiful day in Baja.

For all of us book lovers this bookstore is a great discovery. Kate, the proprietress, created an excellent and well needed gem for residents of Todos Santos and visitors alike.

The bookstore carries an excellent and diverse selection of merchandise. Something for every one. There is a large inventory of new and used books including hard to find books about Baja California and Mexico in general. Local writers works are also in stock to give them exposure and allow the rest of us to read the writings of our native talent. There are in addition selections of music, cards, maps and DVD’s to fill out the stores offerings.

El Tecolote is also a bulletin board for local events, happenings, talent and more.

In the high season from mid October through May the bookstore is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm and Sunday from 12am to 3pm. The hours are reduced during the summer months.


Rating: 5/5 
Reviewed: September 23, 2012

can't believe... i was searching the net for my memories and it's still there!!! i drpped by in ... ah... 1993 (?!!!), i was touring mexico by third class bussed on my own and getting on and off where i felt like. and so i happened to stop by here. i still remember how great it was- and still keep my copy of the catcher in the rye as a treasure. i had read the translated version and found a worne out english paperback one. she was so nice to give it to me as a gift for the little italian girl exploring the big world. i am so happy they are still there!!!!

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a great bookstore

Rating: 5/5 
Reviewed: July 10, 2012

On 7/7/12 five of us upper californios discovered this fine store, a vertible cultural center. The owner, who told us she and her daughter had taken over ownership in the last year, proved to be an accurate resource on such topics as where to find a good beach (Cerritos just such of Todos Santos), a fine restaurant (El Zaguan), and accesible public restroom (in the cultural center.) In addition, she stocked a wide selection of fiction and nonfiction books; told us she was involved in dog rescue; and related the story of her recent drive from the state of Washington to Todos Santos. Our group bought a couple of maps and a copy of Jorge Castaneda's latest book on Mexico. All in all, a great resource.

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