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Gina’s Metal Art Jewelery Designs

Gina has been designing and selling metal art for over 20 years. She is self-taught and most of her mistakes have come to be part of her creations. Colors have come alive during her long visits in the Baja for the last 7 years and for this she is extremely grateful. Each piece is hand cut and adorned with found objects from the surrounding areas in nature. She has created a incredible palette of colors and shapes on her designs that will certainly find a place in your heart and soul as they liven up your home or office. These unique pieces are for indoor or outdoor’s. There are no 2 pieces alike. Fun and joy would probably be the best words to describe how she feels about her work. Nature is her true inspiration.

Gina splits her time between her studio in Napa Valley and Todos Santos. The inspirations for her designs come from the many influences from nature surrounding Todos Santos and Napa Valley area of Northern California. Truly the best of both worlds. She also has created a wonderful line of woman’s earrings that will complete your style whether your just going out to meet friends or that special evening out and you want to look stunning.

Commissioned art projects are always welcome

During the winter months, Gina’s unique creations can be viewed at La Esquina on Wednesday and Baja Beans in Pescadero on Sunday.

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Napa Studio (707)967-1041  cell (707)953-6632

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