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Carla White is a freelance writer, public relations/marketing consultant and event organizer based in Ensenada, Baja, California. Carla and her husband Jim moved to Baja in 2003 from the Los Angeles area believing that, thanks to the internet and satellite communications, they could continue working from home while enjoying a richer, more affordable lifestyle. So far, they’ve been right. Connect with Carla Google+

Best of Baja Culinary Weekend at Rancho Pescadero

Baja cuisine will be showcased once again when the unique oceanfront resort Rancho Pescadero and renowned Chef Rodrigo Bueno host the Best of Baja Culinary Weekend, Nov. 14-17, 2013.

Best of Baja Culinary Weekend at Rancho Pescadero

This three-night, four-day gala of good tastes will showcase the gastronomy of both Northern and Southern Baja, featuring guest chefs Javier Plascencia of Finca Altozano and Mision 19, and Diego Hernández-Baquedano of Corazon de Tierra. The chefs will create locally inspired dishes using farm-fresh ingredients, and will share their culinary secrets and techniques throughout the weekend. In addition, the Best of Baja event will include cooking demos, classes, and a chance to savor some of Baja’s most acclaimed wines. Phil Gregory, whose Vena Cava vintages starred at last year’s G-20 summit in Cabo San Lucas, will reprise his success by offering wine tastings at the event, and pairing his wines at Chef Tasting Dinners.

Oceanfront resort Rancho Pescadero

Oceanfront resort Rancho Pescadero is hosting a Best of Baja Culinary Weekend.

Rancho Pescadero, just minutes from the artists’ colony of Todos Santos and a short drive from Cabo San Lucas, is arguably one of Mexico’s most unique resorts, with its 27 over-sized oceanfront suites that flout the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Each room is highlighted by palapa-covered patios, chaise lounges, luxurious bathrooms appointed with mosaic tile showers or sunken tubs and even the possibility of whale watching right from the soft comfort of bed. Dining is always a pleasure here, too, with the freshest Baja seafood and locally grown organic produce — so where better to wrangle Baja’s culinary talent in one big epicurean extravaganza!

rancho pescadero2

Packages for the Best of Baja Culinary Weekend at Rancho Pescadero begin at $1002 per person, double occupancy (single occupancy rates start at $1344). The package includes:

• 3 nights’ accommodation
• Breakfast basket delivery daily (includes coffee, fresh fruit and
Mexican pastries)
• Chefs’ Cooking class and demos
• Chef Tasting Dinners each night with wine pairings
• Cocktail tasting, Baja wine tasting, and tequila tasting events
• Sunday farewell brunch
• Welcome basket and amenities

RESERVATIONS: For reservations or additional information about the Best of Baja Culinary Weekend at Rancho Pescadero, call us toll-free at 1-855-BAJA-411 (855-225-2411). is a comprehensive online source of first-hand travel information for the Baja California Peninsula. We offer Baja travelers expert advice about local restaurantshotelsvacation rentals and activities, as well as guides, maps, complete event calendars and great stories about incredible travel destinations, from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas.  We also provide free personal travel consulting, planning and booking services in Los Cabos, Todos Santos and La Paz, with prices that match or are below best advertised price. For more information, please call toll-free (US/CAN) 855-BAJA-411 or email us at


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Tips for Picking the Perfect Vacation Rental in Baja Sur

Picking the perfect vacation rental in Baja Sur can be a challenge:  There are so many beautiful choices!

By Yesica Pineda

“As the season ramps up in beautiful Baja Sur, visitors from all over the world want to come to this region of southern Baja to enjoy the warm, sapphire-blue waters, white sand beaches and to participate in any number of water sports, hiking and nightlife activities.  The question becomes, “Where to stay?”  For some, a boutique hotel might be the answer. For others, a full-service resort provides much-needed pampering. And for others, having a place to call home is exactly the right idea. Should we write about that?”  Carla White, Editor,

What do you think about when picking the perfect vacation rental in Baja?

Writing beautiful things about Baja is not a very hard job, really. All beauty that inspires exists in this part of the world; we writers only have to observe it, experience it and describe what we see. As I write this now, I remind myself  to see things (and write about them) as they are, and not as we want them to be. But the wonderful thing about Baja is that, here, things often are exactly what we want them to be!

Picking the perfect vacation rental starts with awareness.  First, understand that Baja Sur encompasses a pretty big region — Loreto, La Paz, East Cape, San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos, and realms in-between! gives you the opportunity to explore your different options from the comfort of your computer.  It is easy! You start where you are and plan your travels accordingly.  Feel free to contact us for help anytime needed.

Picking the perfect vacation rental (like this at Don Cardon) starts with you and knowing what will make you feel good.

Here are five tips on how to select a vacation rental and what to look for:

1. Environmental beauty. Baja is beautiful from every angle; its beauty is right in front of you and hard to miss no matter where you stay. Nonetheless, choose to stay in a place that is in sync with your preferred lifestyle. (Am I looking for the perfect golf resort, or would I rather be fishing?) And study up at on what each region has to offer in the sense of environment:  Cabo Pulmo and its stunning coastline, Todos Santos and its verdant fields bounded by white sand beaches, La Paz on the maginificent Sea of Cortez, and so on.

2.  Walking Distances. Walking is a great way to know the local energy and the native people. Plus it cleanses the mind and heals the body. Choose a place that allows you to walk to the shops or parks or beaches that you are most interested in experiencing.  Walking and proximity can also be important considerations if you want to be buying foods and local products to create fabulous vacation meals!

Picking the perfect vacation rental: What calls to you?

3. Activities.  Fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, whale and bird watching, yoga, art galleries, local artisans, music, film, diving, snorkeling, gliding, swimming, tennis, golf…the list goes on and on. Choose a place that likes what you like and ask what they know about the activities you are into. For instance, Todos Santos is known as ‘an art community’, while camping might be something to do on Isla Espiritu off of La Paz.  

4.  Amenities. Sure, the amenities are important. Most important is to ask yourself what kind of days you want to have. If you want to stay in just one place, a spa resort with vacation rentals by the beach sounds ideal.  Want home-made food but don’t want to cook?  A house with Chef services will do nicely, thank you. If you plan to be out and about, you might only need a bed to sleep in! Listen to what your head is saying  and honor what  YOU feel.

5. Budget. Yes, money, money, money!  A good piece of advice for Baja travelers is to review the first four tips we’ve offered,  and then match your budget.  And there are, indeed, accommodations to match every budget.  One of the beauties of vacation rentals is that they generally come with kitchens…allowing you to make the most of local products and actually cook fantastic meals with things like fresh dorado, organic veggies, and succulent shrimp.

Leo's Baja Oasis is one choice when picking a perfect vacation rental

Here are some examples you can start with:

Todos Santos – Casa Don Cardon

Todos Santos — Casa Tortuga

San Jose – Baja Hacienda Surf

Cabo – Villa Las Arenas

East Cape – Studios La Playa

La Paz –  Leo’s Baja Oasis Lodging

Safe travels, happy exploring and may you find joy and beauty wherever you are!

Want to find out how to swim with the whale sharks?  Or where you can see the California gray whales and their babies?  Read more at! is a comprehensive online source of first-hand travel information for the Baja California Peninsula, supported by a full-service tour operator staffed by Baja locals (our “Baja Travel Savants”). We offer Baja travelers expert advice about localrestaurants,hotels and vacation rentals, as well as guides, maps and articles about events, sports and activities. We provide bilingual customer support, information and sales seven days a week, 365 days a year.  For more information, please call toll-free (US/CAN) 855-BAJA-411 or email us at

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