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Todos Santos Fishing Charters

Sport fishing & Sightseeing Charters

Todos Santos Fishing Charters are pleased to offer the most unique fishing and sightseeing charters in the Baja aboard ‘Iggy’ our traditional Mexican Panga.

At Todos Santos Fishing Charters your day normally starts around 7 am. This is due to the traditional way of launching from the beach whether you are fishing, sightseeing, whale or dolphin watching. Prevalent weather and sea conditions play an important part of beach launching and landing, so please be prepared to provide us with alternate dates when making your booking. The skipper will not launch in adverse weather conditions where craft or life may be put at risk.

The daily charter rate includes a professional, experienced English speaking crew who will provide instruction and assistance whilst on board, provision of all fishing equipment – we use ‘Makaira Pulling Lures’ – which are tested and proven in both the Gulf and the Caribbean and a large variety of quality lures, . Transfers to and from the boat, refreshments and a packed brunch are also included.

The beautiful unspoilt coastline of the Baja California Sur offers numerous opportunities for inspiring walks, Whale watching and depending on when you visit you may also witness the migration of Leatherback turtles and Olive Ridley turtles. The climate is absolutely delightful with year-round temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s. The rainy season, which can be hot and humid, begins in August and continues through the end of September. Winters are very mild but you may require light warm clothing in the evening.

Capt. Lee knows these waters intimately and will show you the Baja like no other captian or guide. You will be in a postion to catch the seasonal fish that habitat our beautiful coastline.

Whether you’re looking for bigger game fish like Marlin or Tuna or maybe the famous Mahi-Mahi aka Dorado or maybe the incredible Rooster fish there are abundant opportunities to see the incredible marine life we have along the coast here in Baja.

Whale watching is always a special treat as these giants swim up and down our coast during their winter migration from Alaska. You can get up and personal with these giants, it will take your breath away.

Our Panga is also available for diving, underwater and sea landscape photography. Please don’t forget your cameras either.

Please note : Sports fishing is extremely popular and our charters are in great demand, to ensure that you don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime make sure you book your excursion with as much advance notice as possible.

Baja Fishing Seasons

Fishing in the fertile waters off the Baja Peninsula is truly spectacular. Here the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez and the massive depth of water just off shore and myriad underwater canyons and seamounts ensure a hugely diverse marine habitat.

This abundance of nutrients attracts enormous shoals of Sardines, Herring and other small bait fish , following in hot pursuit are the Sierra, Bonito and Skipjacks and hunting them is every fisherman’s dream quarry; the Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) and Wahoo.

The Marlin population is abundant all year round and have earned Cabo the title of Marlin Capital of the World. September through to February are favourite months for these fish. Dorado, Tuna and Wahoo are also available at that time. In the summer months when the water warms the Dorado and Tuna action increases and peaks in the months of August until December. Every year catches of Yellow Fin Tuna over 200 lbs and Dorado up to 80 lbs. rip lines out.

Big Blue, Striped and Black Marlin migrate in at this time to feed on the smaller Dorado and Tuna and landing one of these fish in the 400-600 lb class is not unusual. Baja Sur is famous for its autumn Marlin tournaments where total prize money can be over one million dollars! Clients are strongly encouraged to release their Billfish. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter in order to preserve the species and quality of the sports fishing in Baja Sur.

Fishing Licences

Mexican law dictates that everyone aboard any vessel that intends to fish must have a valid fishing licence, these can be easily and inexpensively purchased through your travel agent, the recommended option. However, licences can be purchased in La Paz for your trip, but require proof of identification and sufficient advance notice. Fishing licences are not required for sightseeing or snorkelling.


Other Leisure Activities

Todos Santos and Baja Sur abound with natural beauty and provide some excellent hiking, fishing and coastal exploration opportunities.  Lee and Brenda, your hosts, would be happy to organize any of the following leisure activities during your stay:

Sea Kayaking

This is a fantastic way to experience the rugged coastline of Baja Sur, taking in such sights as “Pirates Cove” and “King Kong” at a pace which nature intended them to be appreciated.  Iguana is equipped with 3 single kayaks and one double kayak and an experienced guide will accompany you on your journey.

Horseback Riding

We would be pleased to make arrangements for your horseback riding adventure.  Our local rancheros will tailor their horses and experience with yours for an unforgettable ride along the golden shores of the Pacific Ocean, or the rustic Mexican countryside through dry riverbeds and mountain plateaus.  Horseback riding offers a refreshing perspective on nature and increases the possibility of spotting deer, mountain lions and other indigenous wildlife.

Quad Biking

Quad biking or Dune buggy hire is available for the more energetic and adventurous, and there are several established local tour operators that provide complete adventure tours.

Local Beaches

All of Todos Santos beaches are located within 2-8 miles of Todos Santos.

  • LAS POCITAS: Situated to the northwest of town – take Topete north through the palm valley, follow the dirt road.  Beautiful beach, but watch for the waves and undertow when there is a big swell.  A better beach for surfing than swimming.
  • LA PASTORA: Situated to the north of town – take Topete to the north.  The paved road turns to dirt …. Keep going …. Past the Aqua Blanca campground signs.  Good beach for surfing, body surfing, bogie boards.
  • PLAYA PUNA LOBOS: Located south of town at km marker 54, then west 1.5 miles to the beach.  The closest beach to “downtown” Todos Santos.  A beautiful beach used by the local fishermen, usually departing through early morning and returning between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.  Watching the fishermen negotiate the waves in and out is quite a show.  The best place to buy fresh fish …. Direct from the boat to your cooler.
  • PLAYA LAS PALMAS: South of town at km marker 57, then west for 1.5 miles.  One of the most spectacular beaches in Baja Sur, and also a good swimming beach.  The property surrounding the beach is privately owned, so easy access is limited to the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m..  Camping is not permitted.
  • PLAYA SAN PEDRITO: South of town, west a km marker 59, and then 1.5 miles to the beach.
  • PLAYA LOS CERRITOS: Located well south of Todos Santos at km marker 64, then take the dirt road 1.5 miles to the beach.  Now have a beach bar, restaurant, toilets and showers.  Miles of open beaches, and some of the safest beaches near Todos Santos for swimming.  A great place for shell collecting, surfing or just walking in the sand.

Season Activities In Todos Santos

Whale Watching

The Baja is graced by both Grey Whales and Humpback Whales during our winter period; November thu April.  Whilst it would be useful to bring binoculars, quite often the whales breach so close to shore they may not be necessary.  “IGGY” is available for whale watching excursion, visiting the local Sea Lion colony and watching schools of Porpoise at play.

Turtle Nesting and Migration

The beaches surrounding Iguana de los Mangos are natural nesting grounds for both Green Sea Turtles and Leatherback Turtles.  Both varieties visit annually, and turtle nesting starts in July and hatching continues through to November.


Nothing like the uneventful all-inclusive…

Rating: 5/5 
Reviewed: February 11, 2013

We visited Brenda& Lee’s Iguana de los Mangos in October 2011 and a year and a half later are still taking about it! - one of the most unique and exciting vacations, including my initiation into big game fishing with eating a raw dorado liver as \"part of the tradition\" (?!) ;)
Also, favorable rates, great activities, always count on the best weather.

It will take you about an hour or so to get there from Los Cabos airport. Most of the road is good, though some construction sections are to be endured, as well as bad signalisation. But once you’re at your B&B your hosts will take really good care of you. The accommodations are exceptional - beautiful and elegant hacienda type décor, the visitors’ quarters are on a separate floor, with huge outdoor patio including open kitchen and a BBQ set overlooking the tennis court… Then private fly-steps leading to the roof top lookout where you can see the ocean and all vicinity - this is where you enjoy sipping your Mojito on the hammock and admiring the romantic sunset and relaxing after a day full of emotions. The innkeepers’ hospitality is outstanding, including daily freshly-baked muffins, cakes or sweet breads served with locally grown fruits and organic juice, for breakfast or as afternoon snacks. Generously shared information about sports, shopping, clubbing, dining… My advice though, for the better ever value, do not hesitate for the little extras your hosts are offering for a much lesser price than comparable from around: try the surf fishing on the beach, and I would say the big-game deep sea fishing “the Mexican way” from the nearby fisherman’s beach is a must – it gives you the chance to create real great fisherman stories to brag about for a long time! There is no pier so the boats are hand-launched over the surf and in between hundreds of pelicans, and this is almost a bungee jumping-like feeling in your stomach, loads of fun! Be prepared for catching several big-game dorados and then get back on the beach by managing the boat to get riding a huge surfing wave…, trust me the experience is unique and memorable~
And don’t forget to opt for the mountain hiking trip where you can buy some unique artisanal pottery.
I will definitely recommend to all my friends and anyone tired of the all-inclusive uneventful resort experiences.

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Hold on tight!

Rating: 5/5 
Jason Volz
Reviewed: July 3, 2012

We have been fishing with Lee and Jose 7 times or so and have caught fish every time. Everything from a 200lb Blue Marlin to a cooler full of Yellow Tails and Bonito. In fact, that's my brother with a nice Yellow Tail in the picture above.
Lee and Jose are very safe and know how to guide a boat. I agree with the review above, Lee has a terrific life experience and the South African accent makes for a nice change. Most of all, he has a great instinct of when to pick up the chatter or let you enjoy the surroundings.
The launch and landing from Point Lobo is a real treat and unlike any boat launch or landing I have been on. However, the sushi back at the house is what I look forward to at the end of the trip. I will continue to fish with Lee every trip to Todos Santos.

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Panga Fishing Heaven!

Rating: 5/5 
Tony Gould
Reviewed: June 30, 2012

We Have "gone out" with Lee on three different occasions, he always guides us to where the fish are, we have always returned with a cooler full. Lee seems to have a sense of where to look, constantly scanning the horizon for the school we want. We have caught Ciera, Yellow Fin, Bonito, Dorado and Rooster Fish, as well as seeing huge schools of Dolphin and dozens of Gray Whales.

Besides the results, what I like about fishing with Lee is the history, geography and fish lore that he gives you. It's more than fishing it's the big picture. It's...Magic...with an English accent. Thanks Lee. See you next time.

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