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Todos Santos Eco Adventures is Baja’s leader in adventure vacations. Our many adventure vacation packages include the Baja Surf Camp for Women, Todos Santos Cooking Adventures Week, Baja Fabulous Family Fun Adventure Week, Best of Baja with Whale Watching and Sierra de la Laguna Treks. Day trips include hiking, surfing, horseback riding, whale watching, swimming with sea lions and whale sharks, trips to mountain potters and so much more.

Todos Santos Eco-Adventures is owned and operated by long-time Baja adventure guide, Sergio Jauregui. Originally from Mexico City, Sergio has spent the last decade leading hundreds of adventure trips in Baja. He and his wife Bryan were married in Todos Santos and have built their home there. They love to share the special beauty and excitement of their home town with visitors to the area.

Digging Deep into Todos History

Rating: 5/5 
Joshua Lurie
Reviewed: May 16, 2012

Sergio Jauregui’s company leads historical tours through the Todos Santos city center, and he digs deep, going back to 1456 and the fall of Constantinople. We explored a model Jesuit home built from palo de arco branches, with dirt floors, which is still how people in the nearby mountains live today. Jauregui provided great insights about Todos, covering the 19th Century gold rush, the bygone sugar cane plantations, and the devastating 1950 earthquake that knocked out the town’s water supply until 1975, making Todos Santos a veritable ghost town. Gladly, the story continues thanks to interest from hippies, surfers and expats, who’ve turned Todos into a vibrant, artsy community. We wandered through the Mission, took in some impressive murals, and even visited the Hotel California. To learn if it’s the same structure from the Eagles’ song, you’ll have to take the tour.

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