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Tijuana’s El Taller Takes Baja Med Style Pizza up a Notch

A wonderful place to dine in Tijuana

May 26, 2012  By Kristin Díaz de Sandi of Life & Food. Reprinted with permission from

El Taller is one of the three of Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero’s restaurants.

The first time that we paid a visit to El Taller was almost a year ago. Ever since then, we have made numerous visits, and each time the food has been absolutely delicious.

The restaurant overall has a great vibe, and don’t even get me started on the pizzas. The ingredients on their specialty pizzas vary a bit with the different seasons, but there is always a nice variety on the menu.

They have an open kitchen, and you can watch your pizza being put into their wood fired oven. Who doesn’t love beer or wine with their pizza? They have a lengthy wine list, as well a nice selection of beers. We ordered 2 savory pizzas, and their sweet “dessert” pizza.

The first savory was the Arrachera con Mole. This Mole indeed has a bit of a kick to it, and ties in very nicely with the peppery arugula, and well seasoned pieces of beef.

I love the crust on their pizzas. I am usually picky about crust, but in this case the dough does not over power the pie one bit. You can taste each and every ingredient, with the crust being the ideal base for all of the flavors.

The roasted duck pizza was our other savory choice. The duck is surprisingly light, and of course bursting with flavor. If you are a fan of duck as I am, you must order this pizza. The peppers add great texture, especially next to the melty cheese, and tender duck.

Look at that beauty! That my friends, is one addicting pizza. Caramelized onions, dried fruits, and honey..oh my! The vanilla ice cream is an added bonus. The way that it melts right into the heat of the pizza is just magical. You should most definitely save room for this wonder of sweetness, even if that means just ordering one savory pizza. Try and stop yourself after just one slice, and let me know how you did.

This post for El Taller was all about their pizzas, but they also offer a menu with everything from salads, to pasta and proteins. Whether you choose to have a date night, or a night out with friends, El Taller is a wonderful place to dine.

By Kristin Díaz de Sandi

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