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Tijuana Groups Collaborate to Ease Border Issues

By Serge Dedina

The Hormiguita Community Center. This building was made from recycled tires.

I recently spent an afternoon with Paloma Aguirre of WiLDCOAST and the executive team of San Diego Coastkeeper. We took a tour of the border to get a sense of what some of the issues are that we are dealing with and ended the day in Los Laureles Canyon in Tijuana, just south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

There, Steven Wright and his team from 4-Walls International are working with WiLDCOAST, Tijuana Calidad de Vida, and the community to develop a demonstration project on how to use waste tires for construction. They also have a native plant garden and are working on cleaning up their community.

The community project is an oasis of hope in the border region and is an inspiring place to be.

Serge Dedina is the Executive Director of WiLDCOAST, an international conservation team that conserves coastal marine ecosystems and wildlife. He is the author of Wild Sea and Saving the Gray Whale and took his first trip to Baja back in 1969. You can read more at his personal website, Serge Dedina.

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About Serge Dedina

Serge Dedina is the Executive Director of WILDCOAST/COSTASALVAJE and the author of Wild Sea and Saving the Gray Whale.

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