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The new trend in Baja’s gastronomy: Seafood tacos off the grill

The new trend in Baja’s gastronomy: Seafood tacos off the grill

Images courtesy of Life&Food Blog, Tacos Kokopelli and Erizo Tacos Baja Fish House and Market.

Surely you have seen the great boom of the Baja California kitchen in certain sources of media like The New York Times, KPBS, and even on Antony Bourdain’s television program, right? Well this trend distinguishes itself by mixing different seasonings from its residents, many of them whom migrated from different parts of the country and who use local natural resources in this mix.

The misconception of this might be that these delicious delights might be for those with a higher budget, but the gastronomy of BajaMed has surprised us once again by creating a kitchen that is also pocket friendly: Grilled Seafood Tacos.

Based on personal experience, Tijuana distinguishes itself by the number of small restaurants and street corner taco stands that offer great food.  If you ask anyone from Tijuana for a good place to eat, they will recommend to you either tacos, tortas (meat sandwich), or anything else that will make your mouth water.

Today we would like to recommend to you two new places that are innovating this trend:  Tacos Kokopelli and Erizo Baja Fish House and Market, both of which have set sail on a mission to delight everyone with these new and unusual tacos.

Erizo is related to other well-known restaurants like Mission 19, Caesars, and Casa Plascencia, which many of these places are distinguished in their seasoning and flavor by the chef Javier Plascencia and his family along with other stars from the kitchen of BajaMed.

The new trend in Baja’s gastronomy: Seafood tacos off the grill

For about $2.25 (USD) those who visit this place can try out one of the many seafood tacos on the menu, although there are many other options as well that will wake up your appetite.

In the list of many options, you can find shrimp tacos and octopus tacos that are accompanied by homemade hot sauces that are made with high quality ingredients — but keep in mind that most Mexicans like the hot peppers and peanuts.

In some international events, like the LA Street Food Fest, Baja California made it.  Many were  presence known with only these small food carts.  Many were wildly successful, and the most popular one with many awards was “La Guerrense”, which is a small food cart stand in Ensenada; this authentic and yet trendy cart captivated the attention of the judges and that of the public.

Kokopelli were the special guests at the event who got special recognition for their participation, and whom also caught the attention of a well know “blogger” Bill Esparza who spoke about the importance of this new innovation.

Chronologically speaking, Tacos Kokopelli was the first ones to offer this type of option in the city of Tijuana.

Video: BajaMed kitchen at the LA Street Food Fest


Although their ingredients might be similar, each kitchen has their own special seal of approval and even though Kokopelli is still a very young business, it has a lot to offer.

Video : A day in the life of Tacos Kokopelli


Recently they had a grand opening of their new location in Playas de Tijuana, which now we all have two great locations to go and enjoy great food at.

Playas location:

Downtown location:

The tacos at Kokopelli have a price of around $1.60 (USD), and if you ever want something different, their menu is always being enhanced with other options depending of what season of the year it is when you visit them.

This past November to celebrate “El Dia de Muertos” (Day of the Dead), they had a taco that was accompanied with pomegranate and flower petals of cempaxuchitl, and recently they also announced a special broth that will be made according to season or the festivities that are being celebrated in the region — or could it be that they are mentioning this as for the resurrection?

To be able to enjoy yourself in Tijuana or in Baja California, you don’t need a large amount of money and thanks to the efforts of its residents you can enjoy a good time in a safe and fun environment: visit Tacos Kokopelli and Erizo Baja Fish House and Market, both of which should definitely be on your to-do list!

Want to know more about these two places and how to find them? You can visit them on their website or on their Facebook page.

Erizo Baja Fish House and Market in Facebook. Map.

Tacos Kokopelli in Facebook, Map, Playas Location, Map, Downtown Location .

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