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Experience a Slice of the Real Tijuana

Want to know what Tijuana is all about? Sign up for a tour with Turista Libre, organizer of unusual day tours just over the border.

Image courtesy of Turista Libre

Itineraries use iconic Tijuana pastimes as their inspiration. You might watch a pro soccer game or lucha libre match, or visit a record stores or  piñata factory. Food and drink stops are coordinated with the theme of the day. Upcoming tours include a Chinese dinner and circus this Saturday, April 7. Here is the event information:

Chinese Dinner and Circus in Tijuana

Turista Libre will head to the big top for the Beijing Chinese Circus–two hours of Asian acrobats, lion dancers, gutsy hat-tossing routines, elaborate jump rope acts, and, of course, saucy clowns. Sharing the limelight will be a loinclothed Tarzan heartthrob and his luscious lady counterpart Nikita, a Maroon 5-singing tiger tamer whose Bengal beauties answer to names like Shakira and Britney. Sounds like some bizarre dream already, doesn’t it?

The $40 ticket includes private transportation from the border, circus admission and a preshow dinner at one of Tijuana’s many Chinese restaurants, a surreal experience in so much that ordering Kung Pao pollo in even the most basic English never fails to be an adventure. Later, a nightcap downtown at La Mija, Mezcalera’s backroom that after recently undergoing a complete China-girl makeover is now on par with a Shanghai boudoir.

The group meets on the U.S. side of the San Ysidro pedestrian border crossing near the UETA duty free shop on Camiones Way at 5 p.m., with an estimated return to the border shortly after midnight. Meeting spot map.

Space is limited, so prepaying is a must. Get tickets here.

Animal friends, please know that this — as are most spectacles of this nature these days — is more of a two-legged stunt show than four. An extremely scaled-down take on Cirque du Soleil, if you will. Our intention is merely to share the ongoing tradition of traveling circuses in Mexico.

Questions, preguntas? E-mail Turista Libre.

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