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La Vuelta on Revolution Avenue – Tijuana

La Vuelta in Revolution Avenue – Tijuana
A Flavor of old Tijuana

La Vuelta Cafe Tijuana Revolucion

Tijuana is a city with plenty of attractions. In spite of the never-ending changes (where entertainment venues get built and opened in just a couple of months and restaurants come and go in a few years), there are some places that remain the same, retaining the charm that once made them famous and and that keeps them going. It is a special character that comes only with time.

One of these places is restaurant La Vuelta. Established in 1936, it’s one of those spots that reminds us of the old Tijuana. La Vuelta was, along Café La Especial (located in the Gómez Passage, on Revolution Avenue), one of the places of great Mexican gastronomic tradition for tourism. Many generations of Tijuanenses and Mexican-Americans have finished their night or weekends with the perfect after party in La Vuelta.


While the waiter fetches your order, you can take a seat at the bar — a classic bar from an old dancing hall.  The other option is to take a look at the trail of framed photographs recounting the history of Mexican art. There you will find Lola Beltrán, Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete and many more. A special feature of La Vuelta is that because of its “Mexicanity,” it’s visited by many nationals residing in the United States. This traditional Mexican food restaurant has become a haven from international gastronomy that has been dominating the market in Tijuana. La Vuelta has come to be a place to indulge in true Mexican cuisine in a Mexican ambience.

La Vuelta in Revolution Avenue

A refreshing lemonade perfect for summer.

While the food’s aroma and music fills the place, in the table next to ours somebody is giving an Italian woman a crash course in Mexican culture while she drinks a Tecate. If the Mariachi is already playing, take one of the tables located near the kiosk to listen to songs of the old Mexican “cancionero.” The notes and lyrics of José Alfredo Jiménez and Juan Gabriel spring back to life.

We briefly talk with one of the owners, “Cuata” López, who told us about their plans of renovating the front to make the restaurant more attractive and to reenergize the area. You can feel her kindness towards the customers the minute you walk in; when we talked to her she was at one of the tables chatting with some guests. In those little details lie the key to La Vuelta’s charm and appeal.

If one of these nights you’re out partying, try arriving at La Vuelta before dawn. There you can heal your pains with the music; even better if you have a group of friends with you, this is the perfect place. If you’re enjoying the evening on Sixth Street,  finish it on a high note. La Vuelta on Revolution Avenue — Tijuana is great for the perfect after-party, Mariachi included.

La Vuelta
Revolution Avenue, 11th Street. #2004.
Tel (664) 684-2611
Map and directions.
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