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July is Beer Brewing Month in Tijuana

Two beer fests are on the way.

June 17, 2012.  By Alan Castorena. Reprinted with permission from

As you may know by now, Tijuana will be hosting two Beer Fests on the 13th and 14th of July weekend.

On one hand we have the Cervecería Tijuana (Tijuana Brewery) as a host and on the other the Baja California Craft Breweries Association (ACAB for its Spanish initials) as the organizer.

We will present you with an evaluation of both so you can decide which one to attend.

Baja Beer Fest (Presented by ACAB)

A virtually new Festival barely on its third installment, it will be located on Revolución Avenue.

Over 90% of the expositors are local beer makers from Ensenada, Mexicali, Tijuana and Rosarito. This festival is held three times a year at the top 3 cities of the Baja state.

This time is Tijuana’s turn, and not only will you find brewers here but also the restaurant industry as well as the already famous “gourmet street food” whose chefs astounded us all with their BajaMed fusion; Kokopelli’s delicious Pesto Octopus being a fine example.

Music will be in the hands of local bands like La Sonrisa Vertical (The Vertical Smile) known for their fresh sound and innovative ideas; famous Tony Tee will help out, too.

Baja Beer Fest in its 3 stages is a contest judged by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) in which all breweries contend in different categories making this event the only competition festival of Mexico’s border.

Beer sampling in this event is up to each expositor, they will decide if their beer is given away for free or not; those who do charge customers will have a small fee of $1USD or less.

Cover: 70 pesos/5dlls. Sampling cup included.

TJ Beer Fest (presented by: Cervecería Tijuana)

TJ Beer Fest is celebrating its 8th year in a row inside the Caliente Racetrack.

The festival’s selling point is the music, one of the main attractions being Beatlemania, a The Beatles tribute band; there is also a homage to Guns N’ Roses and like every year, Javier Bátiz; Nortec Collective’s participation is to be confirmed.

As far as breweries go, American beer makers to attend will be Stone and Ballast Point from San Diego, representatives from DogFish Head; Mexican companies include Minerva and Tempus; local ones will present Cucapá, Baja, Frontera and Ramuri who will be participating in both events.

This festival is both recreational and promotional.

Every year TJ’s Craft Brewery shows its vast experience and planning in this event since not only does it draw tourists, the festival is also very well orchestrated.

Cover: 120 pesos/ 10 dlls; Includes three 4oz samples and sampling cup.


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