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Entijuanarte Fest 2013 Creative Border

Entijuanarte Fest 2013 Creative Border is the biggest and most important art and cultural festival in Tijuana since 2005 and one of the 15’s  most important in Mexico and it takes place in Baja California. Every year there is another mexican state invited for the fest and this year is the turn of Durango. Entijuanarte Fest 2013 Creative Border activities will start on September 26th thru October 6th. There will be art exhibitions, workshops, conferences, plays and performances, photo exhibitions, jazz concerts, rock concerts, and many more. Is a perfect family event to get to know a little bit of Durango and Tijuana.  

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Entijuanarte Fest 2013 Creative Border

The official date for this event has been announced. The Entijuanarte Fest 2013 Creative Border will take place on September 26th thru October 6th, 2013. As event dates and details are subject to sudden change and cancellation, please confirm dates and times with the event organizer before booking your trip.

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