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Tijuana FAQs

Where is Tijuana located?
Tijuana is located in the northwest corner of Baja (and Mexico), right on the US border.  To the north of Tijuana is San Diego County; to the west is the sparkling Pacific Ocean; to the east is the charming city of Tecate, and to the south are the Playas of Tijuana and Rosarito.

What is the best way to get to Tijuana?
The best way to get to Tijuana is to drive from San Diego by taking the Interstate Highway 5 or Interstate 805 south.  Cross the border into Tijuana. Although there are many horror stories about long border crossings, mid-week is rarely a problem (try to avoid the pesky 3-4 p.m. period, when many parents and children are returning to Tijuana from schools and work in the US).   There is also an international airport in Tijuana, which sees visitors from throughout the world.

What kind of transportation is available once I arrive in Tijuana?
Tijuana has a public transportation system including reasonably priced taxi service. There are two types of cabs—yellow taxis and taxi libres. Yellow cabs don’t use meters, so you might want to negotiate before taking off.  The advantage is that many of these drivers speak some English.  The taxi libres are generally mostly white and have the words ‘Taxi Libre’ on the door.  They have meters and are much less expensive.  It is a good idea, though, to either speak Spanish or to have your destination address written on a piece of paper.  There are also very inexpensive local city buses…a little tough to figure out, but isn’t that part of the adventure?

What kinds of accommodations does Tijuana have?
Simply stated, everything.  From Luxury Hotels and accommodations circa the city’s convention center, to cheap motels that probably should be avoided. There is a beautiful golf resort on the southern edge of Tijuana, and vacation rentals in the Playas Tijuana area.  If you want to read more about the types of accommodations that the municipality has to offer visit the Tijuana Accommodations overview.

What is the food scene like in Tijuana?
Tijuana is world famous for its gastronomic scene. Here, you can delight in culinary splendor at chef/owner Javier Plascencia’s renowned Mision 19, a sleek, high-end restaurant. Or you can feast to your heart’s content at Tacos Gordo, which has achieved equal fame but for a fraction of the price.  You can experience ensalada in the city where Cesar’s Salad was invented!  And you can sip gourmet coffee from world-wide producers at elegant and aromatic coffee houses.

Will I have problems communicating since I do not speak Spanish?
No, almost everyone speaks a little English. If not, and you need help, someone almost always comes forth in a restaurant, store, or wherever you might be, to help out. You will find the people to be very helpful and very friendly.

What about drugs and alcohol?
You must be 18 years of age or older, to consume alcohol. It is against the law to drink alcohol on the streets. Driving while drinking is also against the law. Using drugs is a criminal offense. Tijuana is a huge city and one of its features is its varied nightlife; as you would in any major city, be cautious in deciding where you want to hang out in the night hours, and be judicious in your consumption of alcohol.

What should I do if I am lost or have any kind of a problem?
If you have any issues, you should dial 078, the Tourist Assistance Hotline which operates 24/7. It is similar to 911 in the U.S., except that you will be assisted with whatever need you have.  There is a Consulate General of the United States in Tijuana: (664) 977-2000

What are the most popular activities in Tijuana?
Shopping is one of the major past-times in this city, at the Arts and Crafts market but particularly along Revolution Ave.  Look for leather goods (shoes, belts and purses), perfumes, fabrics, curios and trinkets, high-end 925 silver jewelry from Taxco, and much more.  Visit Mercado Hidalgo for a real taste of Mexico and Mexican markets.  The Tijuana Country Club golf course is located in the heart of town, and its 18 holes are beautifully landscaped.  A trip to the Playas Tijuana means a beautiful beach experience on the Pacific Ocean.  And, of course, Tijuana is one of the world’s trendiest dining spots…from tacos to tenderloin, this is the place!

What is the weather like in Tijuana?
Tijuana city is a few miles from the Pacific Coast, so it is generally sunny and warm (similar in climate to San Diego).  It can heat up during summer (important to know if you are planning to cross the border in the walking line, that can have waits up to two hours).  Winters are generally mild.  The rainy period is usually in January/February, when winter temperatures can dip into the 50s.

Is Tijuana safe place for my family to visit?
Tijuana is a major international city with millions of people in and around it.  Like any other tourist destination in the world, you have to take certain precautions to avoid any safety issues. Always pay attention to surroundings and use common sense.  Many come to the city to visit its bars and experience its nightlife; as you would in New York, Rio, or any other metropolis, don’t overdo it: remember, drugs are illegal and you must be at least 18 years of age to drink.