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Playas de Tijuana – Surf Break

Surfing Playas de Tijuana, Baja

Playas De Tijuana is probably the closest break to the United States. Playas De Tijuana is a beach break that will take just about any swell. Playas De Tijuana never gets that crowded, mainly because if you are going to go to the trouble of traveling to Mexico you might as well surf some reef breaks. If you do decide to surf here it is very easy to find. Playas De Tijuana is located near the bull-fighting ring. Take caution: the water is extremely polluted; it may better to drive 15 minutes south.

Wave Information

Alternative Name: Unknown

Skill Level: Beginner to pro

Best Season: Year round

Crowds:Small Crowds

Locals: No local vibe

Hazards: Rip currents and pollution

Wave Description

Wave Type: Beach break

Wave Direction: Rights and lefts

Best Surf: Head high

Power: Fast, powerful, hallow and steep

Wave consistency: Regular consistency

Bottom Type: Sand

Tides and Swell

Best Tide: Medium tide

Wind Direction: West

Best Swell Direction:Playas de Tijuana breaks best on Southwest and Northwest swells

Wave Access

Easy to Locate: Yes

Location: On your way to the first toll, turn right towards the bullring instead of going through the Toll. Continue past the white condos until you hit the beach.


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