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Baja Malibu – Surf Break

Surfing Baja Malibu, Baja

Baja Malibu is a powerful beach break. Baja Malibu is one of the thickest waves around; it is also known to throw spitting barrels. When Baja Malibu gets big, beginners should stay away. Baja Malibu is where San Diego surfers go to get some top-to-bottom barrels and power. This wave is very consistent, and breaks both in summer and winter, and it is best on medium-to-low tides. Baja Malibu is a good indicator of how it will be when you go farther south because it is only 30 minutes from the border. Take note: The water is very polluted, and it is usually at least 5 degrees colder than it is in San Diego.

Wave Information

Skill Level: intermediate to pro

Best Season: Winter

Crowds:Since it is so close to San Diego it can get crowded, especially on big days.

Locals: Their are a few Baja Malibu locals, because the break is located infront of a gated community.

Hazards: Rip currents and pollution

Wave Description

Wave Type: Beach break

Wave Direction: Rights and Lefts

Best Surf: Head high to double overhead

Power: Hollow and fast

Wave consistency: Very consistent

Bottom Type: Sand

Tides and Swell

Best Tide: Medium tide, it sucks up and spits out on low tide

Wind Direction: North and Northwest

Best Swell Direction:Baja Malibu is best on Northwest swells

Wave Access

Easy to Locate: Yes

Location: Baja Malibu is 15 miles south of the border. Take the Baja Malibu exit from the toll road and park on the dead-end street on the north side of the Baja Malibu housing development. Look for the Tecate Jack’s bar sign. They may charge you to park.


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