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A Portrait of Tijuana

By Stephanie Huerta, Social Media Manager for National Car Rental

Tijuana is a city where growth and progress can be seen daily, a place where the meaning of Baja California is reflected in every way, where people come and go and the kindness of its people is one of its main attractions.

Image courtesy of Laura Wong

Thanks to its privileged location, Tijuana is a city in constant motion. It is cosmopolitan and one of the main industrial centers of the country. In this city, all kinds of products are made, from medical equipment and televisions to aerospace materials that are used around the world, putting Tijuana on the world stage.

Although it is a young city, Tijuana has an impressive history. Its founding dates back to ancient indigenous communities such as Cochimies and the Pai Pai. Large migrations from China, Russia, and Italy have made an impact on the food in this region, which is diverse and different from other parts of the country.  Tijuana has been recognized as a gourmet tourist destination with its own gastronomy due to its varied climate, terrain and cultures, which is reflected in its famous Puerto Nuevo-style lobster, fish tacos and Caesar salad that had its origins here.

As with food, Tijuana and Baja California are world-famous for drinks and thanks to the climate in the Valley of Guadalupe, produce the grapes used by LA Cetto and Domecq which have earned international acclaim for the quality of their wines. We can also find beers like Cerveza Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali and Beer Cucapá that are made with ingredients from the area.

In Tijuana, you can find interesting and fun places like Revolution Avenue, the downtown, the Hippodrome and the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT), where you can watch movies in IMAX format (one of only a handful in the country).

In the city, you can see a completely different culture where Mexican and U.S. cultures merge, giving life to what is known as “the third nation.”

Continuing south, you will find some other places just as fascinating, like Rosarito, Ensenada, San Felipe and San Quintin.

We invite you to rent a car with us and not miss a single corner of this wonderful city and its surroundings.

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Translated from Spanish by Sheri Guardi


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