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Great places to stay in Tecate

This border city caters to three types of visitors: business travelers, spa-goers, and weekend warriors in search of an outdoor adventure. Several business hotels within the city limits meet basic needs for a comfortable night’s sleep. Farther afield, rancho resorts offer rustic accommodations in a mountain setting. And the upscale Rancho La Puerta resort offers a wellness experience like no other.Here is a cross-section of standout accommodations in the Tecate area. It is by no means comprehensive, but rather a broad mix  of some of our favorites. You can also search the Tecate hotel directory or vacation rentals directory for more options.

Estancia Inn

The Estancia Inn is ideal for business travelers looking for accommodations on a quick overnight stop. Amenities include a restaurant, cable TV, pool, gym, Internet, and 24-hour security.









Rancho Los Chabacanos

The colonial-style Rancho Los Chabacanos surrounds an eco-preserve and has an on-site spa.  There are no televisions or phones available, though Internet is an option.

Rancho la Puerta

The historic Rancho La Puerta resort ffers all-inclusive, week-long stays. This is not your typical spa resort experience; there is an emphasis on green technologies, organic cuisine, and community involvement.

Rancho Tecate Resort

Rancho Ojai

Right out of “Bonanza,” this log-cabin complex is great for children and families.