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Biodynamic Agriculture Workshop

The Biodynamic Agriculture Workshop  includes hands-on work, study and exploration of the Biodynamic Agricultural Method .

Workshop given by Harald Hoven, founder an director of Raphael Garden at RudolfSteinerCollege in SacramentoCalifornia.

What is Biodynamics

Biodynamics is the first organized organic approach to farming (post agrochemicals).

 This course is for:

Homesteaders, backyard gardeners, farmers, ranchers, landscapers, educators, environmentalists, students and anybody who wishes to learn how to live sustainable and grow their own food.

The official date for this event has been announced. TheBiodynamic Agriculture Workshop at Rancho Los Chabacanos  will take place on November 22 – 24. As event dates and details are subject to sudden change and cancellation, please confirm dates and times with the event organizer before booking your trip.


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