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Places of Interest

  • Parque Hidalgo: Tecate’s main plaza has a gazebo for shade, small cactus garden, large map of the area, and a handful of restaurants and shops to browse.
  • Tecate Brewery: When you buy Tecate beer by the bottle, you know that it came from its namesake border town. Call ahead to book a tour of this history brewery. (The cans are made in Monterrey.)
  • Old Tecate Railroad Station: The end of a historic line that offers tourist rides across the border today.
  • Tecate Cultural Center: A new institution founded to preserve the history and culture of the native Kumiai people.
  • Panadería El Mejor Pan de Tecate:  Perhaps the most famous bakery in Baja, this is a treat for the eyes and mouth, with whimsical baked goods lining racks around the store.
  • Mount Cuchama:  It towers over the town of Tecate, a place considered by the indigenous peoples to be mystical.
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