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Eating in San Quintín





Seafood, seafood, seafood. Shrimp, fish, crab, lobster, abalone…the world is your oyster!  The region is truly a crustacean, bivalve and piscine treasure chest, as evidenced by beaches strewn with crab shells and mussel and clam shells.  Fishing is a huge occupation in this region, and diners benefit.  Try the crab claws cooked in a steaming paprika broth at Cielito Lindo; or steamed clams in their broth.  That said, given the proximity of fresh produce, the salads are a good choice, too.  Cookies?  There is only one place to try and that is the new Burbu Té & Hogaza Hogaza (related to the Hogaza Hogaza in Ensenada). The main drag is packed with taco places and small seafood restaurants – just follow the people and you probably can’t go wrong.  And you will know that you are eating clams, crab and shrimp fresh from the beautiful San Quintín bays.



English: Steamed clams (steamers). Photo taken...
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