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Hotel Tropicana Inn

A tropical hideout in downtown San Jose del Cabo

Located in central San Jose, the Tropicana Inn is a tropical hide-out with an outdoor pool, swim-up palapa bar and fountain-splashed gardens.

Rooms open into the pool and/or gardens and include free Wi-Fi as well as private on-site parking. Local area information is available from the 24-hour reception.

Hotel Tropicana Inn is decorated in Mexican-Colonial style. Rooms include luxury linens, toiletries, fridge, cable TV and a coffee maker.

San José’s fabulous beaches are just a 5-minute drive from the hotel.


Rating: 5/5 
Reviewed: November 13, 2012

I loved this hotel. I only wish we had checked in earlier than 5pm. The room was clean, the beds comfortable, the staff awesome and the courtyard so serene. I was hoping for a coconut to drop by breakfast but no luck, lol. The Tropicana was our last stop before heading home for Canada and we enjoyed the courtyard surroundings. It just brought us the rest we needed before a hectic trip home and after the fun holiday we had in Baja. The hotel was not busy when we were there so the swim up bar was not up and running but I swam up to it and imagined my margarita, mmm. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who loves a beautiful garden with birds and water. Say hi to Paco the parrot for me would you please.

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Hidden Oasis

Rating: 4/5 
Colleen Friesen
Reviewed: April 7, 2012

Finding the Tropicana Inn behind the iconic San Jose restaurant is kind of like falling through the back of the wardrobe to find a tropical kingdom.

Friends that have spent many winters in the area, came to visit me and were surprised to discover this little gem hidden behind one of their favourite restaurants.

The rooms are basic but the attention to detail is wonderful. Robes and pool towels and great amenities. I loved stumbling out to the pool deck in the morning with coffee in hand.

My only criticism? Can't stand that coffee whitener stuff. There are little fridges, so maybe a few of those little creamers would be a nice touch.

If I was booked to stay for a bit, I'd fill that fridge with some lovely fruit and cream and move in.

Great oasis.

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