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San Jose del Cabo

By Yesica Pineda

Sunshine never felt so close to the skin, and the blue green desert colors never reflected so much light into the mood of a morning than that day I landed in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Being born and raised Mexican, a familiarity with the relaxing feeling of home blew a breath out of me, in full blossom inspiration. The weather was perfect. The energy was quite exciting as people on vacation wore their sandals, hats and drinks into the street.

I was amazed by the friendly welcome the natives had prepared so I would maybe choose right there at the airport their company for the rest of my trip; in my case, I had a great quality to add…I was there to see my brother, Gerardo Pineda. My brother was one of them, therefore, their smiles were even closer to the heart and an open imaginary red carpet was laid on the floor since the very beginning. Thanks bro.

After the ritual timing of long-awaited encountering, me meeting the Pineda newborn and my rock star sister-in-law Cristina Estrada, I started to look around and connect with the town vibe.

Imagine, I had been gone for 10 years from my precious Mexico after being selected, from millions of talented people in the country, as one of the 12 “Valores Juveniles” (think “American Idol” in Mexican version). My professional journey in music took me to Los Angeles, California, where I spent those 10 years deep down cultured into the Mecca of the production of dreams all related to entertainment, music, arts, movies, theater, technology, popularity and the fantasy bubble-making that only LA people can relate to….the exhausting pursuit of fame. This path of non-stop self-image reflection eventually made me spirituality hungry so after I finished my “Grammy winner team” Music Album Yeye Organic Pop I took a retreat from it all. I engaged in my yoga and meditation studies, which brought me back to my inner-self and the recognition that in order to know where to go next, I had to come back to the beginning. Back to the basics, always remember who you are and where you come from…family.

So once in San Jose del Cabo, it was easy for me to recognize the simplicity of family values and the everyday joy of waking up by the ocean, eating home made food and living a life of social connection where the only purpose is rest and fun. As I started to find out, everybody there, and I mean everybody, is either relaxing and having fun, or making others relax and have fun. What a paradise!

On a morning walk by the beach, as I looked at the horizon and felt the desert heat, with my bare feet in the water and my breath so present, I told my brother: I want to live here. He said: Excellent! Why don’t you? That is how my next 4 years in Cabo started.  After a month exploring the town and its creative possibilities, I flew back to Topanga, packed my car with personal home made dreams, said goodbye to my beloved California friends, closed my cycle there and drove my car down La Baja, where a new cycle of life in yoga, writing and music awaited! I had fallen in love.

If you like driving the land…La Baja is a must. The South West cost of the USA is a gem, the little romantic looking towns and the surfing beaches are very nice. You do have to cross the border and experience border people, which as intense as it can get, but it will only enrich your awareness about how fortunate you are because you get to move on from the stagnation that only a world of limits can create.

If you are driving down through La Baja remember this: at some point the ocean will surprise you facing you in grandiose display of magnanimous power, in contrast with the Desert colors of the Earth. Your heart will pump in so much awe, that moment will bring you into divine consciousness. It is powerful. From then on you will keep driving, and you will have more than enough time to gather your inner-self for what is awaiting you at the end of your drive, San Jose del Cabo… La Baja Peninsula’s Land’s end.

In contrast with Cabo San Lucas, the wild-party town, San Jose del Cabo is a cute family town, with its old missionary church (you know San means Saint), with its downtown cozy feeling, with its diversity of food, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, home-made bakeries, family owned “tienditas”, art galleries Mega Resort hotels, boutique style hotels, simple free-style Palapas, native family own home-style hotels, spas, gyms, parks, farmer markets, healing centers, realtors, the marina, extreme sports, horse riding, its local brewery, the ocean…and yes! Its own eclectic party scene!

San Jose del Cabo is defined by its people: rich people, people specialized in service, fishing people, water sports people, young people, surfers, realtors, lawyers, salesmen, tourists, politicians, artists, famous people, cooks, dancers, yogis, healers, natives, foreigners, Mexicans; fathers, mothers, daughters and sons, children and pets. Everyone there ruled by the ocean tide and the moon cycles. The Sun shines all year long.

This is my story, but the stories people have to tell about this beautiful place on Earth are unending… all of which are united by a common factor…the magnetic force of the land. Follow our blog and enjoy these stories on It is my good intention to bring you closer to the fun by presenting you with the coolest happenings and the people who make it all true. After all, they are the heart of San Jose del Cabo, and when you finally make it here, you can play it to the beat!




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