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Have a Baja Moment! Swim with Cabo Dolphins

Have a Baja Moment! Swim with Cabo Dolphins

There are few things in life that can make you feel like a child again. Few things that can transport you back to an easy, carefree time. Few things that can take you far away from the real world. To swim with the dolphins at Cabo Dolphins brings back those innocent days. With pure joy, and smiling until your face hurts, interacting with these adorable, graceful creatures is an adventure not to be missed for children and adult children of all ages!

Our beautiful host was called “Tatwanny”, which took us some time to learn to pronounce. The big grey creature seemed pleased as we struggled with his name and he danced and splashed and showed off for us under the quiet command of his gentle trainer. We were also happy to have along a photographer and videographer to document the joy of it all as we fully immersed ourselves in the experience of and interaction with Tatwanny without being distracted taking photos.

Cabo Dolphins

Being able to observe right from poolside, we watched him swim, twist and race around the large, pristine pool and leap and perform acrobatics just for us. He got special pleasure out of a spin that landed him into the pool on his back, creating a huge splash. He came back over to us and started to laugh in that inimitable dolphin cackle that is so endearing.

We got into the water with him and got to feel his soft belly and slippery back, and see up close the strength of his tail as he moved about us in the water. We shook hands, or fins, if you will, exchanged kisses, and got to know one another.

Surely the highlight was yet to come. Now that we had become acquainted, it was time for some rides with Tatwanny. The most gentle ride was swimming belly to belly, holding onto the two pectoral fins, while Tatwanny swam upside down taking me for a mellow ride around the pool. The next lap was a more aggressive loop around, holding onto the dorsal fin with both hands, and feeling his powerful tail pushing us through the splashing water. The final lap was the greatest adventure. Holding my breath, and holding on alongside of Tatwanny, we swam together under water, him pulling me along with him on our brief underwater adventure. It was a feeling unlike any other I have ever felt, being one with this beautiful creature, cruising along in our sea.

Cabo Dolphins

This experience is one of the greatest escapes! You know it sounds like fun, but you have no idea how much fun until you do it. They offer a variety of ways to experience these magnificent mammals. If you prefer not to get into the water, you can enjoy interacting with them on the shallow platform surrounding the pool. And if you want to get even more involved with the dolphins, Cabo Dolphins offers trainers classes for people who want a longer or private session with the dolphins.

This escape is also close by and easy to find! Cabo Dolphins operates right in the marina in Cabo San Lucas. If you are getting off a cruise-ship or staying in town, it is a short walk or drive to their beautiful facility. If you’re further away, along the corridor, they’ll come get you! Their staff is professional, competent and delightful. You are greeted on arrival and provided with lockers, towels, bottled water and everything else you need to maximize the experience. The whole operation moves smoothly and easily, with their number one concern being your safety and comfort along with the health and safety of their dolphins.

And there’s more good news, because now Cabo Dolphins is even closer than before. They have just opened up a brand new facility in San Jose del Cabo, in the hotel zone near the beach, behind the Mega. So now the visitors to San Jose and Puerto Los Cabos will have the chance to experience the great joys of an interaction with the dolphins.


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