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Gaia: Life Awareness in Baja

By Yesica Pineda

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.  — Lao Tzu

Gaia in Greek mythology was the mother of all. We used it to call to the Earth. So in the present, when we see the name Gaia, we think of our mother Earth–She,who provides our life needs. Which is exactly what Gaia, the store and workshop, offers to us, right here in San Jose del Cabo.  Gaia:  Life Awareness in Baja…

Gaia ~ Store and Workshop ~ is a Baja land experience; one that awakens us to a real-earth consciousness.  It is a food store which makes available healthy and organic sustainable foods that are not genetically modified and are created without chemicals or additives.  This is clean and living food like nuts, seeds, grains, spices, alternative flours, vinegars, oils, alternative pastas, breads, crackers, fresh goat milk, yogurt, and cheese, soy yogurt, agave syrup, honey, stevia, turbinado sugar, seed crackers, sprouted cereals, seed and nut milks, fresh  juices, fresh vegetables in season, a natural personal care line, and so forth.  They are the things that are really needed to sustain and nurture.

Located at the Montessori school, Educarte,  in San Jose del Cabo, this space hosts community workshops in the afternoons and evening, that focus on sustainability and permaculture,  healthy, vegan and raw nutrition,  and holistic wellness.

“I realized how passionate I was to be able to share shifts in nutrition, permaculture and  sustainability awareness. Helpful skills so that we can all be healthy and autonomous in our care for the planet, lives, food choices,” says Kim Clapham, the owner.

How to Get There: Gaia ~ Store and Workshop ~  address is PADRE MANUEL GARCIA 1339 COL: MAURICIO CASTRO C.P. 23443 SAN JOSE DEL CABO, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR.

What to expect at Gaia: An organic food store and a Urban Garden that offers workshops that teach how to cultivate food in your own home and how to prepare and cook healthy dishes.

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