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The G20 in Los Cabos

The Group of Twenty, or G-20 in Los Cabos
This year Los Cabos hosts Mexico’s Presidency of the G-20; the premier forum for global cooperation on the most important aspects of the international economic and financial community.  The G-20 includes 19 country members and the European Union, with the objective to achieve global economic stability and sustainable growth, to promote financial regulations that reduce risks and prevent future financial crises, and to create a new international financial architecture.

The debate at the G-20 meetings is always interesting. Typically the tax globalization imposes on our environment is at least a subtext. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out in Baja. Los Cabo is a “high tourist zone” and an area where the impact of globalization and development on the environment has only been modestly acknowledged. As much as Cabo travel takes a toll on the region, Baja, remains a virtual sanctuary when it comes to protected zones around the world and, as it is an area worthy of protection, it’s also a role model. Cabo Pulmo’s success in restoring a precious marine zone is a role model to the world. While I few years ago, this is what we would all be watching from Baja. I think with the changing times most Baja residents are hoping that the G20 sends the world a message that it’s safe to visit us here in Baja and that Mexico is a region that should be considered on a world scale. Mexico is a safe country to travel to and there are reasons why  it has been qualified one of the happiest countries in the world.

There have been six G-20 Leaders’ Summits (Washington, London, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Seoul and Cannes). This year Mexico will become the first Latin American country to chair the annual Presidency of the group establishing the following priorities:

Economic stabilization and structural reforms as foundations for growth and employment.

Strengthening the financial system and fostering financial inclusion to promote economic growth.

Improving the international financial architecture in an interconnected world.

Enhancing food security and addressing commodity price volatility.

Promoting sustainable development, green growth and the fight against climate change.

The G-20 2012’s calendar is active through out the whole year and already a dialogue prior to the Leaders’ Summit in June has ended successfully  in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

Global economy complexity reflects a world population often in competition for limited resources. The obsolete rules of all ‘isms of the financial world are bound to change if we are to live as a healthier and wealthier world community. During this Summit, it is our hope that all those who visit Baja get inspired by its very own natural sustainable way of living; at the least, Baja will remind us that people need to take care of the limited resources on which we depend.

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