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Five Ways to Experience Yoga in San Jose del Cabo

By Yesica Pineda

“Naturalness and simplicity are a great virtue. One must develop an understanding of the yogic journey itself, remembering the necessity of relaxation, focus, and persistent returning to the present.” –Chip Hartranft in The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali

Yoga can have different meanings for different people, but at its best it gives us a sensation of well-being and peace, and allows us to become masters of our own minds. You do not need to go to a class to practice yoga; however, we all need guidance and the practice must begin somewhere.

When I first visited  San Jose del Cabo–it was 2004, I think–finding yoga in town was a simple task. There were only a couple of yogis sharing their practices with others. Some high-end resorts would offer private yoga for guests, but the locals had relatively few options.

This has changed in recent years, and it is wonderful to see the growing quality of yoga in this town.  Yoga in San Jose del Cabo has expanded from these once-few options to a wide variety of practitioners, studios, and styles, available for all to enjoy.

Here are five ways to experience the San Jose del Cabo yoga scene:

1. Take a class with the locals

Padma Yoga is a Hatha Yoga Studio located just a few steps away from Las Palmas Beach, behind Cynthia’s Fresh Restaurant. They offer group and private sessions.

Kaleidoscope Yoga Studio is located at Mi Cielo Azul in the Chamizal neighborhood above Guacamaya’s restaurant, the Nun’s Hospital and the Liga Mac used book store. The well-known Caryl Lefell guides yoga practice here. Her yoga sessions vary in length, usually one to two hours depending on the level of ability of the students. Beginning sessions are typically one hour long. The cost is generally US$10 to $15 per session, but can be as high as US$40 per session.

Manoma Yoga, Lifestyle & Spa is located at Huizache #7, Col. Magisterial, and offers Kundalini and Hatha yogas in the mornings Monday through Thursday. A walk-in session costs US$15, but if you plan to stay a season, you can get a monthly membership. They speak Spanish.

Transformative Wellness is Natasha Grbich’s yoga studio. She was raised in the Sant Mat spiritual tradition with focus on vegetarianism, meditation, self study, satsang and mantra. She offers Jivamukti yoga and Hatha yoga for teachers and serious practitioners of yoga. Her sessions are from 9:30am – 11:15am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and cost US$10 per session.

Raices y Brazos Yoga Center is a location offering a wide variety of yoga styles such as Dynamic Hatha, Inner flow, Restorative, and Prenatal. With a wide spectrum of yogis guiding practice, you won’t be disappointed. Sessions are open Sunday through Saturday and cost US$10 per session.

For further details and scheduling, please visit their individual websites.

2. Go to classes at a resort

If you are staying at a resort, make sure to ask for their yoga service. High end resorts like Palmilla and Ventanas al Paraiso enjoy spa facilities where you can enjoy a private or group practice with their own instructors, and many offer beach sessions. Costs will vary depending on the resort you are staying at and the deals offered in the season, but they can be around US$25 per person. They are usually only for guests staying at the resort, but some Boutique Hotels like Casa Natalia or El Encanto Inn offer regular schedules of yoga practice and you can always just walk in and take the class.

3. Schedule a private session

Peter “Pedro” Domecq is the founder and visionary behind Raices Y Brazos. Peter has been exploring community and holistic living for most of his life. He is trained as an anthropologist, ecologist, ecological designer, yoga instructor, and breathwork facilitator. He has worked in the health food industry, community development, organic farming, and “intentional” communities. As an instructor and facilitator, Peter is dedicated to personal growth and evolution. Trained in Dynamic Hatha yoga by Mathew and Holly Krepps, Peter continues to develop his style of practice and teaching, grounded in awareness and mindful presence. To reserve and get rate information, e-mail or visit his website at

Robin Clements is Trainer and Facilitator of The Transformational Breath Foundation, is internationally certified by Dr. Judith Kravitz, and is Co-Creator of the Breath Wave Experience. He is certified in the healing arts of Alphabiotics, Postural Integration, Watsu, Aqua Cranial Sacral, La Stone Therapy and he works as a yoga instructor and assistant to his teacher, Shiva Rea. To make reservations and get rate information, visit his BajaWellness website.

Caryl Leffel is a certified Yoga/Pilates instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer. She is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance. Certified by NESTA for Pilates and American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Personal Fitness Trainer, her practice combines Anusara, Astanga, Dynamic Method, Hatha, Parayoga, Power Vinyasa, and Viniyoga styles. She provides private and semi-private sessions for travelers, group events, and people who would like to enjoy the privacy and convenience of their own beautiful space. Pricing depends on length of session, distance to class site and number of participants. E-mail  to schedule your private session at or visit her website, Kaleidoscope Yoga.

Amanda Luisa Rodriguez is a RYT, Reiki Master, Light Worker and owner of Soul Girl Yoga. She offers private yoga and meditation instruction. Her cost is US$60 per hour for private sessions and US $10 for each additional person. To reserve, e-mail

Yesica “Yeye” Pineda guides meditative yoga sessions for practitioners at all levels of practice. Her yoga combines sacred sound and music frequencies that create harmony and balance and align bodies/mind/spirit. Yesica has practiced vipassana meditation since 2002 and has been teaching yoga since 2002. Her foundation in yoga practice includes her training in PowerYoga with its founder Bryan Kest in Santa Monica, California, with whom she has trained on a daily basis whenever in town since 2000. When in Boulder, CO, Yesica practices Ashtanga Yoga with Richard Freeman. Honoring “The teacher is within” yoga philosophy, she invites practitioners to trust and embrace all limbs of this ancient spiritual discipline and let the practice itself lead the way. In San Jose del Cabo, you can find her at Raices y Brazos. Her yoga is available for download at Her private practice includes yoga retreats as a traveling private yoga teacher. You can reserve and negotiate your retreat cost via e-mail or visit her website

4. Attend a workshop or retreat

In San Jose del Cabo, you can expect to find workshops and retreats dedicated to a healthy lifestyle year-round, as well as the availability of forums through which to bring your own retreat or workshop to our town through via local centers like Raices y Brazos or Baja Wellness, who recently brought Shiva Rea to San Jose del Cabo.

Soul Girl Yoga organizes retreats for 5-day, 4-night spiritual quests for  US$3,500 per person, located in beautiful Rancho Las Cruces.  Meditation, Qui Gong, traditional native Mexican shamanic cleansing and healing, yoga flow, hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, reiki sessions for healing, massage, facials, light work and breathing classes are all incorporated into these retreats. They also include water meditation, a day hike to sacred pools for vision quest, and much more.  There is one coming up this July.

Kaleidoscope Yoga offers Prana, Dosha and Partner Yoga workshops. E-mail for detailed info.

Contact your favorite Hotel or Resort in the area and find out what retreats they are holding.

5. Do your own practice on the beach

When it comes to yoga practice, the sand is not the best surface to hold your poses because you need proper spine alignment. Unless you are an experienced yogi, it is better to practice in grass; however, yoga can be much more than only asana practice so you might want to practice stillness or pranayama and observe your breath–perfect activities for San Jose del Cabo beaches. Choose your favorite sunrise spot not too crowded to practice.

Whether you are new to yoga or continuing a devoted practice, the ocean here will surely inspire you. Feel free to add your favorite yogi or yogini to our list, or leave a comment to tell us about your Baja yoga experiences.

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