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Explore the San Jose del Cabo Art District

By Yesica Pineda

“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.”  -Pablo Picasso

Baja is a wonderful place, and it invites wonderful people. Witnessing its organic growth and creative surrender is a delight and a privilege for those who have fallen in love with its simplicity and closeness to nature.

Image courtesy of Casa Dahlia

San Jose del Cabo is a charming town at Baja California Peninsula land’s end. In contrast to its sister town Cabo San Lucas (known to be a party fancy town), San Jose del Cabo’s identity has evolved from family values and cozy community ideals, born from its dedication to the ocean and its way of life.

It is not a surprise that art has blossomed in a romantic renaissance movement, defining San Jose del Cabo as an artsy town where time and space stop and merge.

When you visit San Jose del Cabo, take the time to walk through its downtown Art District. Galleries such as Casa Dahlia are home to a unique selection of Baja’s top contemporary artists such as Sondra Richardson, Leah Porter, and photographer Prissma Lara.

As you walk the town on a Thursday night, you will encounter the Art Walk, where all galleries open their doors to visitors, inviting tourists and locals to mix in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.

Galleries participating in the weekly Art Walk include:

  • Los Cabos Amber Gallery,  where you can find one-of-a-kind jewelry and sculptures made from 22-25 million year old, 100 percent natural, untreated Chiapas Mexican amber; their Fine Art Annex features Ronsai’s abstract art.
  • Galeria Corsica, which represents more than 50 artists
  • Casa Don Pablo, where you find authentic mexican artesanias
  • El Armario, which offers Mexican Folk Art
  • El Lunario fine arts gallery, where you can admire award-winning Mexican and international artists such as Yandi Monardo and Tere Metta
  • Frank Arnold Gallery, which gives us the opportunity to visit the working art studio and living space of this international abstract artist
  • Galeria de Ida Victoria, where you can get familiar with an in-house custom frame studio specializing in preservation framing and get inspired by its paintings, sculptures, photography and prints
  • Ivan Guadarrama Gallery, where you can interact with original art (life castings)
  • La Dolce Art Gallery, which invites you to admire Mexican Artist Alejandrina Calderoni and also dine on the best Italian food in town
  • La Sacristia Art and History Gallery, which displays genuine pottery and ceramic art
  • Arenas Gallery, where you can find find Mata Ortiz pottery
  • Muvezi Gallery, which inspires you to support Africa and admire Zimbabwe’s sculptors
  • Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery, which shows contemporary Mexican artists known nationally and internationally in important collections and museums
  • Arte Galeria, which is Blacksmith Shop, Art Studio, and Restoration in one

Believe me when I tell you that San Jose del Cabo, in itself, is pure art.

Have you experienced the Art Walk?  Do you have any stories or hints to share?

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