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Places of Interest

Cactimundo botanical gardens (photo by John Schrantz)

A walk through the Downtown Plaza will offer a beautiful view of centuries-old architecture and history.  During your walk you will find the Church San José del Cabo Anuiti Mission, founded in 1733 and followed by a journey of Spanish history.

As you walk and relax, you will find yourself in a diverse world of culture and craft, art and cuisine, and many souvenirs will encourage you to learn more about the daily life of “Choyeros” (people native from San Jose del Cabo). Of course, you will find the foreign touch–all those entrepreneurs who come to visit San Jose del Cabo and aren’t able to leave; they are those who settled and opened their family business in the heart of San Jose. Restaurants, stores, art galleries, bars and local tienditas is the surrounding landscape to a Plaza that offers you a place of gathering, homemade food, and if you happen to be there on a festive day, local live music and dance from La Casa de la Cultura.

Art District

In recent years, artists both local and foreign have honored their talents and are accomplishing what they do best: art. The historic main plaza and church is beautified by the high-end art galleries displaying original paintings, sculpture, photography, prints and jewelry.

Every Thursday evening between the months of November and June, you can enjoy the Art Walk. The host galleries offer wine sipping and great ambiance for everyone to enjoy local and international art. Here, you can meet a famous artist or be delighted by an opening of new work.

An Eco-tour at the Estuary

When you visit San Jose del Cabo, enjoy bird-watching at the estuary or take an eco-tour of the lagoon by footpath or rented kayak.

Protected wildlife sanctuary, Paseo del Estero, is a palm-lined pedestrian trail home to bird species such as frigate birds, sparrow hawks, white herons, red-tailed hawks, herons, egrets, two species of cormorant, pelicans, gulls, frigate birds, Turkey vultures, Caracara and Osprey. At least 250 other species of birds are frequent visitors. It is a peaceful spot to contemplate your present moment, ride a bike, sit, or walk.  It is 125 acres of tropical estuary located where the fresh waters of Rio San Jose meet the salt waters of the sea.

Pericu Indians were well established in the area when Spanish missionaries founded Mission San Jose in 1730. Centuries before, pirate ships sailed into the lagoon to lay in wait for the Spanish galleons returning from the Philippines with treasures of pearls and gold.

CactiMundo Los Cabos Botanical Garden

Cactimundo is a Botanical Garden in a picturesque tropical setting. Its ecological majesty displays the greatest cacti species around the world in a vibrant habitat. The art garden has created an exemplary artistic collection, among the finest in all of Mexico.

You will experience  Latin America’s most important collection of cacti, including endangered species nearly extinct in their natural habitats.

La Playita and Marina Puerto Los Cabos

La Playita is a small town founded by fishermen, only a short drive from San Jose del Cabo. Here you can enjoy the ocean and a wonderful small community of artists and local fishermen in a dirt road town. Quiet ocean lifestyle was its main attraction until a world class marina Puerto Los Cabos took center stage, proposing a massive transformation into a luxury home community, hotels and two golf courses.

Now, one of the newest beaches of Los Cabos, Playita Beach at Puerto Los Cabos features a safe, roped-off swimming area inside the harbor entrance, as well as a natural beach, where you can swim, skim-board, surf, or fish. Located near the east entrance to San José del Cabo’s new marina, the beach also has a play structure for children, pristine bathrooms, and palapas to escape the rays, not to mention fishing charters.

Nearby snorkeling sites reveal the wonders of the Sea of Cortes, including Cabo Pulmo National Park. And with the famed Land’s End Arch only 18 nautical miles away, many yachts take an easy day’s cruise along the Gold Coast of Los Cabos, which affords views of incredible hotels and private residences along this coastline.

Organic Farms

In the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, you can visit a ten-acre organic farm called Flora. You can spend your day in a beautiful green environment, eat a delicious organic gourmet meal or stay for a longer time at their culinary cottages.

Huerta Los Tamarindos  is a 100 percent Certified Organic Farm. The farm and its adjoining country-style restaurant are in Animas Bajas, about 10 minutes from San Jose. Enjoy a great organic meal, take cooking class, and walk the green Earth.

La Semilla is an organic teaching farm. As a regenerative living and ecology education center, this organic farm proposes beneficial ways for humans to reintegrate with the natural world. It stands as a holistic and ecologically centered complex of food production, living space, community and education. La Semilla focuses on zero waste closed loop systems, agroforestry, permaculture, natural building, sustainable food production, land restoration, earth stewardship, regenerative design, ecological design, community building, dirt worshiping and tree hugging.


San Jose del Cabo is loved for its culinary culture. If food is your passion, think no more. Make it your goal to visit every one of our restaurants. Taste Mexican, Italian, international, American, Canadian, fusion, gourmet, seafood, local, organic, raw, Chinese, Japanese, Thai–you will find it all, and every restaurant will offer you a unique experience, Baja-style.

Organic Farmers Market

Spend a weekend day visiting the San Jose del Cabo Organic Farmer’s Market. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast, walk in the green grass barefoot, get a massage, appreciate some art, buy some local souvenirs, get organic produce and find holistic energetic stands. Music will certainly be playing and great people will sprinkle you with wholesome community vibe.

Centro de Raices Y Brazos

Take a yoga class, sign up for a holistic workshop, eat at organic restaurant Sabor de Amor, enjoy an evening of Art and music, and get closer to the locals. Centro de Raices y Brazos offers a beautiful space where you are invited enjoy peace and art.

Casa Dhalia Garden Cafe

Once an old historic house in ruins in the heart of downtown San Jose del Cabo, its new owner, artist Leah Porter, has created a beautiful Garden Cafe and Art Gallery with bare hands and inspiration. Try a pizza and movie night for great local flavor.

Local Brewery

What used to be our local bakery, is now the only local brewery. Brewer Master, Jordan Gardenhire, brews a unique beer taste which reflects the Baja dream and the story of a vision. The Baja Brewing Company is the only BrewPub and Microbrewery company in Baja California. Enjoy music, mix with the locals, and eat Nayla’s cuisine.

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