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Where to Stay in San Felipe

At one time, the area’s visitor accommodations were mainly camps, small motels and a scant few hotels, and very few expatriates remained full-time in the village.  With the increased traffic by tourists, ‘snowbirds,’ and retirees, San Felipe’s accommodations choices have broadened fishing camps and funky little hostel-type places, but there are now resorts, time-shares and other lodging choices to meet all needs.



The actual town of San Felipe is small, so you never have to worry about being too far away from some restaurant or activity.  Most people who arrive in town get there by automobile, so driving a few miles north or south on the region’s excellent highway is not a problem.  The bigger issue is deciding what you want to do here.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself that might help you decide what kind of lodging will perfectly fit the bill.

  •  Are you hoping to just chill-out by the beach or by a swimming pool, margarita in hand?
  • Is having a kitchen and being able to cook shrimp fresh from the panga boat important to you?
  • With its miles of white sand beaches beckoning, might camping be the way to go?
  • Are you going to one of San Felipe’s famous festivals and want to be in the immediate vicinity?

As you think about lodging, consider some of the pros and cons of each type.  These decisions, as well as the activities you want to do, will help you choose the best place for your trip.

  • Hotels:  San Felipe has a few pleasant hotels, like the San Felipe Marina Resort & Spa and the Langosta Roja right in town as well as smaller hotels on the highway.  None fall into the super-luxury category and because San Felipe is a low-key beach town, hotels often rely on the ambience provided by the sea breezes and the sound of lapping waves.
  • Small hotels, motels and funky lodgings:  For a little town, San Felipe has a proliferation of these kinds of accommodations that are ideal for families or visitors on a budget, or those who come to the area to spend their time out in nature, hiking, beachcombing, swimming or boating.  They are basic and budget-friendly…but can be less than comfortable in extreme climates.
  • Vacation rentals: This is where San Felipe shines.  Recent years have seen the construction of whole communities, such as the El Dorado Resort that features U.S. construction and very modern amenities, that are largely comprised of vocational rental condos and houses. Generally, these lodgings are for four people or more.
  • Camps and Camping:  Tent camping, RV camping and fish camps are traditional in this area and there are dozens of locations. Pete’s Camp is renowned amongst the expatriate set, being on the beach just north of town, and with its own little restaurant.  Here, you can rent cottages or find hook-ups.  Tent camping is popular at many of the highway pull-off locations leading right off the main highway, both north and south of town.