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9th Annual Taste of San Felipe

The Taste of San Felipe is an annual event organized by the local Rotary Club. Foodies can start their walking gastronomical tour from either the plaza next to Cotuco, by the Justice building or from La Vaqueta. This year there will be over 20 restaurants participating in this exciting culinary fest. All proceeds will benefit the community.

Tickets may be purchased from any Rotarian and are on sale at the Saturday venders Mkt. At El Dorado Ranch,Fat Boys Restaurant on the corner of Chetumal and Mar de Cortez and Sandy Keto at El Dorado Pavilion. Tickets will be exchanged for ID bracelets at La Vaquita Restaurant Or Cotuco/ Justice Center on the South end of Mar de Cortez  across from Bandidos’ bar.
The event will last from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.
For information, or to purchase tickets, call Terry Smith: (686) 576-0484 or Pim Van Sisseren: (686) 186-8969

The official date for this event has been announced. The Annual Taste of San Felipe will take place January 17th, 2012.

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