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Although some people arrive in San Felipe’s international airport on private charters, most arrive by car, bike or motor home.  Often the objective for visiting this tranquil location is relaxation, however, for those seeking a plan of attack, here are some suggested itineraries.







Itinerary 1 – Puertocitos
The eastern coastline of northern on the Sea of Cortez features volcanic outcroppings and, offshore, clusters of small, rugged islands.  Long stretches of sandy beach fringe the desert sea.  About 50 miles south of San Felipe, is Puertecitos, an area that some call ‘an angler’s dream’ and that others note is a collection of extremely eclectic residents – about half Mexican and half American — who relish living off-the-grid.  There is camping here, along with areas for picnics and barbeques, and there are some amazing views, as well.  Also around Puertocitos is are seaside volcanic hot springs, a perfect place to ease weary bones and perhaps quaff a cool beverage.


The building housing the 2.12m telescope insta...

The building housing the 2.12m telescope installed in San Pedro Martir National Observatory, Baja California, Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)














Itinerary 2 – Sierra de San Pedro Martir & Devil’s Peak

Sierra de San Pedro Mártir (which translates to Saint Peter the Martyr) is home to the tallest point in Baja, Picacho del Diablo (Devil’s Peak), at a 10,157-foot elevation. About 55 kilometers west of the Sea of Cortez (but a 1.5-2 hour drive), this area is part of the Parque Nacional Sierra de San Pedro Martir, which was established by presidential decree in 1974.  It is also the location of the National Astronomical Observatory (at 9,280 feet), built in 1975.  From this spectacular location, on a clear day, you can see west to the Sea of Cortez and east to the Pacific Ocean (towards the Ensenada area, which is about 65 kilometers away).
In winter, these mountains are draped with snow and in summer, the desert base shimmer with scorching heat.  There are hiking and rock climbing area, and picnic spots.

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