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Get to know San Felipe

San Felipe, called the ‘Jewel of the Sea’, is geographically isolated in its spot on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Cortez.  Perhaps that’s the reason it has retained the charm and serenity of the small fishing village that it once was.  Yet those who make the journey to this town — part of the Mexicali municipality — that is nestled between mountains and  aquamarine-colored waters always want to come back.  Why is it called a ‘jewel’?  Those who visit claim that it sparkles and gleams, with diamond-bright shafts of sunlight bouncing off of the clear sea waters. TheseRead More

Places of Interest

San Felipe is a quiet town, even in the high season, but there are a few ‘must-dos, must-sees’ that top the list.  Keeping in mind that the best months of the year to visit are October through May, here are some ideas. Neri Church Among the spots to visit near the downtown area is the Neri Church, built in 1712, that represents the city’s mulatto population.  It has artisan work of that century, gilded walls and ornate decoration. Virgin of Guadalupe shrine Also, a must is the famous Virgin of Guadalupe shrine situated near the malecon.  From it, there isRead More

Plan the perfect trip

Although some people arrive in San Felipe’s international airport on private charters, most arrive by car, bike or motor home.  Often the objective for visiting this tranquil location is relaxation, however, for those seeking a plan of attack, here are some suggested itineraries.             Itinerary 1 – Puertocitos The eastern coastline of northern on the Sea of Cortez features volcanic outcroppings and, offshore, clusters of small, rugged islands.  Long stretches of sandy beach fringe the desert sea.  About 50 miles south of San Felipe, is Puertecitos, an area that some call ‘an angler’s dream’ andRead More

San Felipe FAQs

  Where is San Felipe located in Baja? San Felipe is about 125 miles south of the international border between Calexico, California and Mexicali, Baja California.  It is 236 miles from San Diego, and 374 miles from Pheonix. From the western coast of Baja, a scenic trip from Ensenada on Highway 3 and then cutting south on Mexico Highway 5 brings visitors to the town.  Marking the way are the dramatic craggy peaks of Sierra San Pedro Martir , the tallest mountains in Baja. What phone numbers should I call in an emergency? Tourism Department – 078 Legal Assistance – 061 Police – 060 WhatRead More

San Felipe, called the ‘Jewel of the Sea’, is geographically isolated in its spot on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Cortez.