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A Spontaneous Gonzaga Bay Adventure

A trip to Puertecitos turns into a food adventure at Alfonsinas in Gonzaga Bay.




I love those days when the unexpected happens and it makes for one of the best days ever…what is that saying about the best-laid plans?

We met up with our friends, Stephanie and Jesus, both chefs that live in San Felipe. Steph’s birthday was coming up in a few days and we all decided to head to Puertecitos and hang out at the hot springs. If you haven’t been there before it’s a must-do trip! Puertecitos is about 30 minutes south of San Felipe on Highway 5, a very good road. There are a few dips in the road that you can catch some air on, but other than that it’s well-traveled and well-maintained.

Thermal springs in the Sea of Cortez

Thermal springs in the Sea of Cortez

Puertecitos is home to rocky mineral hot springs. The best part is that these geothermally heated pools sit in the Sea of Cortez.  At times, it can be quite surreal to be sitting there, eye level with the sea, as the waves come washing in and cool off the water. Also it may be necessary to move, either from being too warm or too cool depending on the tide. There’s not much in Puertecitos so it’s best to bring your own drinks and food. We brought plenty of beverages but were a little light on food.

When we had finished relaxing in the hot springs and soaking up the sun, we were quite hungry. Jesus had the idea of traveling south a bit more to Gonzaga Bay. For six of us, it would be our first time going there. I was up for it and Jesus, being a chef, promised there would be delicious food once we got there -so that definitely sealed the deal.

Except for the very last two kilometers or so, the road was quite good, as the Mexican government has been working on improving road conditions. There was a military checkpoint along the way but it was no big deal and the Federales were very polite. One nice surprise was the change in scenery as we traveled south. There are many small islands in the Sea of Cortez and they provided lots of eye candy on the journey south.

Alfonsinas restaurant  in Gonzaga Bay offered up delicious fare.

Alfonsinas restaurant in Gonzaga Bay offered up delicious fare.

The trip to Gonzaga Bay was about hour, from Puertecitos, but worth the drive. The beach was pristine and we were the only ones on it, except for the seagulls and pelicans. There was even a sandbar that the tide had left completely surrounded by water. Our final destination was Alfonsina’s Restaurant and Hotel. As promised, Jesus spoke with the kitchen and arranged a family-style dinner of fresh shrimp, fish, tortillas, beans, rice and all the fixings. Add an ice-cold cerveza and it was a truly delicious meal shared by wonderful friends and family.

Alfonsinas chow made the travelers go 'wow'.

Alfonsinas fresh, tasty chow made the travelers go ‘wow’.

For most of us on the trip, it was most memorable because of the pure spontaneity of it. I personally can’t wait to go back and visit that sandbar.

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  1. Nice touch. I am so looking forward to my next stay with San Felipe Vacations and a trip to Gonzaga Bay, with a stop, of course, to the hot springs. Tell me more.

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