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Too Much Fun! The 6-hour El Coronel Hiking Experience in Rosarito

Too Much Fun is exactly what you’ll have on the 6-hour El Coronel Hiking Experience

by Carla White

So, what’s so grape — whoops, great — about a 6-hour hike up a mini-mountain in Rosarito?  That’s for you to find out.  But be aware that the same people who bring you the Baja Grape Adventure, an ATV-amble through Ensenada’s hills and wine country, bring you the El Coronel Hiking Experience.  It’s happening on Saturday, April 6, at 9 a.m. sharp, with the intrepid hikers gathering in front of the Grand Baja Resort in Puerto Nuevo (the famous lobster village).

Ready, set, have Too Much Fun!

Ready, set, go…to have Too Much Fun!


Too Much Fun Promotions, under the leadership of the ever-enthusiastic Armando Carrasco, puts together jaunts of all sorts and to please all different ages, tastes and physical abilities (heck, even I could do this hike!).  In this case, although the 6-hour hike uphill and back sounds daunting, there is the opportunity to turn back at any point, and there is a follow-car to make the return even easier.  Okay, so enough about the loopholes…now, why would you want to go on this Too Much Fun hike??


The El Coronel Hiking Experience offers unique perspectives on northerm Baja and its environs.

The El Coronel Hiking Experience offers unique perspectives on northerm Baja and its environs.


Most people who come to Rosarito visit because of the region’s white sand beaches, or to explore the city’s myriad curio shops and stalls, or to eat some of Baja’s most famous tacos.  Few actually get off the beaten path to see Rosarito from a different perspective — from the top of a mountain, in fact!  It’s a great way to experience Rosarito’s flora and meet some of Baja’s best bovines.


Up close and personal with Baja's bovines

Up close and personal with Baja’s bovines


But El Coronel is more than just a mountain:  It is a place rich in legend and history…and, some even say, ghosts.  As lore would have it, around 1800, a colonel in the US army defected and fled to Baja with a large shipment of gold.  He took refuge in a cave in the El Coronel area and there the gold remains hidden to this day.  From time to time, adventurers still conduct forays into the hills to try and discover the cache of golden ore.  The El Coronel Hiking Experience doesn’t encourage too much off-path exploration, but rather aims deliver its group to the summit of the peak where vistas of Coronado Island and the Pacific Ocean spread out before hikers in a vast panorama.


Panoramic vistas from El Coronel.

Panoramic vistas from El Coronel.


The hike includes waters and snacks and, even better, a chance to meet Armando Carrasco. His ebullient personality will surely convince you that not only is the 6-hour hike a brilliant idea, but that you should be going through your trunk to find those cool 1984 leather jeans in preparation for your victory ride on an ATV at the next Baja Grape Adventure.  Anyway, that’s how I am getting ready for it.  There are prices for tours and hikes, alone, or packages that include hotel rooms.  Find out more about the April 6 El Coronel Hiking Experience at or visit Too Much Fun Promotions on Facebook.

Want to explore Rosarito?  There are many hotels and vacation rentals in the Rosarito area.

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